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Democracy Code of Canada
Democracy Code of Canada - To Restore Canada Into the Hands of the Ordinary People:

Democracy Code - Home Page

Democracy of Canada at War With The Lawful Ordinary People.

Crazy thought when you first read this, but it is true.. the Democracy in Canada has Totally Collapsed. The "WAR MEASURES ACT" violently attacked the ordinary peaceful people of Canada with a coordinated military operation. Lawful Canadians arrested and jailed on bogus crimes, bank accounts frozen by Government and assets taken from law abiding ordinary Canadians attending the PEACEFUL FREEDON CONVOY 2022.

A Government focused on breaking the people of Canada. Like the Nazi Hitler democracy, the goal for our Government is that of total control for the benefit of domestic and international parasites. The Government of Canada needs to disarm lawful ordinary Canadians so they can easily achieve total Nazi Hitler style obedience of Canadians. This is not about gun safety, this is about a Government tyranny and war against the people of Canada. Ensuring Canadians cannot fight back guarantees the success of the operation, the same tactic used by the Hitler democracy in Germany. The Government of CANADA is seeking to control Canadians by force.

Democratic law and more law on every part of human activity.. people unable to function without total Government and Police supervision. Unable to turn back, combined laws, as one will be the ultimate Government grab on your freedom.

A Desensitized Country, Disinformation From Mainstream News.

Unknown to most of the population, the laws created are being enacted for control. Like in Canada, the Nazi democracy legally created law that was sold to the public as just. No one suspected the democracy of Germany was at war with its own population until it was too late. The same tactic the Hitler democracy used when the Gestapo went door to door rounding up the NAZI undesirables is being used in Canada today. Just like the Hitler democracy, Canadian Government officials in authority are liars, working without the consent of the population. A Demoralized Population of Canada can no longer think, Truth Means Nothing.

Adolf Hitler Quote: Our strategy is to destroy the enemy from within, to conquer him through himself.

Canadian Hitler Democracy Disarming The People With Propaganda.
Although not declared in the traditional fashion, war is already here in Canada, as it is within other HITLER style fake democracy throughout the world. Not an army invasion style of war, but an invasion that uses fear, security, government disinformation, human science, media, methods and tactics to gain control of the people. Destabilizing citizens. People never realizing they gave away freedom to the parasitic class... until it is too late to turn it back. No world democratic leaders will help the people of Canada since they belong to the same Hitler style democratic system of government. The Canadian democratic system needs immediate change to avoid a total stripping of our rights, loss of freedom and liberty. The world and Canada are falling apart because ordinary people are allowing the parasites to make it happen.
Adolf Hitler Quote: It must be thoroughly understood that lost land will never be won back by solemn appeals to God, nor by hopes in any League of Nations, but only by the force of arms.
Peaceful Revolution

A New Style of War Against the People of Canada:

A new style of war has emerged.. having the invasion of a country without firing a shot. Ground invasion is no longer necessary. A Foreign international parasite society has discovered they can destabilize Canada by using its own Government to gain control of the Canadian population. A core international society has seized the minds of what I call “The Anti-Christ Assembly” which includes the Canadian’s government and all government officials in Canada and throughout the world. It is to destabilize democracy by taking away the country historic values and it’s traditions, basically leaving the country without an identity. They know a country like Canada will suffocate, becoming hollow, without traditions and identity. The foreign international parasitic society and the Canadian Government are waiting for the people of the world and Canada to self destruct pinning one Canadian against another.

Adolf Hitler Quote: We are disarming our citizens in order to make our streets safer and policing more efficient.

A Canadian Hitler Democracy Exterminating Christians From Canada
The democracy of Canada is seeking to exterminate Christian beliefs from Canadian long held culture. The Domestic and International parasites realize Christian belief must be eliminated from Canada and around the world in order for a totalitarian world government to take control. The enacting of anti-Christian laws and censorship are designed to silence opposition to the Government of Canada, EXTERMINATING Christian belief and those who are opposed to the Government narrative. The Nazi Government of Canada hopes to remove real truth and replace truth with the ongoing and repetitive Government propaganda. Anyone that threatens the Democratic agenda is quickly removed, new laws and more laws including Christian buffer zones keep people from expressing an opinion.
"Peaceful Protest" are being removed by government as they are seen as opposition to the Parasitic Democratic Plan of Canada. Like Adolph Hitler, Canada's democracy is using the same propaganda and disinformation, creating laws and more laws establishing hate against Christians and hate against any Canadian having moral value. Legally isolating Christian people and others from participating within Canadian Democracy.
Appointed Judges and RCMP assist the Canadian democracy in rounding up Christians and others who protest or maybe enter NO GO buffer zones created by government to keep people away. It becomes illegal as Government and Courts restrict Christian movements into once free and open public areas. Under the direction of the Canadian Democracy, Judges implement strict conditions against Christians and others who protest, handing them fines, freezing bank accounts, plundering assets and even jail time for those participating in any peaceful protest.
A Canadian Hitler Democracy Exterminating Traditions and Identity
The Democracy of Canada is seeking to exterminate past traditions and identity from the people of Canada. Making Canada's culture hollow. Never before in Canadian history are new cultures introduced into Canada that threaten Canadians very way of life and long held heritage which had been passed down through generations. Islam is NOT Canadian and was never Canadian. A country cannot survive when its traditions and identity do not survive.
The children of Canada are a prime target for the Hitler Democracy of Canada, the parasites realize they can destabilize future generations by destabilizing the children now, government control over education programs, introducing homosexuality at an early age, children taught untruth, demoralizing, confusing and making children think outside what should be normal child thinking. No longer an education system focused on teaching math, science, history.. but focused upon converting, demoralizing students and deconstructing the sexual identity of children. The government solution has been to increase mental health services for teenagers who had been subject to this calculated attack on the mental health of Canadian children.
A "Homosexual Pride flag" is NOT the pride of Canada rather a continuous reminder of Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler.
Every day Canadians are being bombarded with "fake news and Government propaganda" removing Canadians ability to think clearly. Canadians no longer having ability to process information from one government made crisis when leading into the immediate next crisis. Bombarded with more and more government propaganda every day. Government distracts people from what is about to happen.
A Canadian Hitler Democracy Exterminating Free Will Thinking
A demoralized Canadian is unable to process information correctly and fails to understand truth, truth means nothing, for a demoralized truth no longer matters. Judges, Ambassadors and Senators assist the democratic parasites in this subversion into a big brother totalitarian government. One traumatizing event after another is created by the Nazi Government of Canada, keeping people off balance, without focus, without critical thinking and living in fear. A mind demoralized and full of fear has no room for its own thoughts. Anything outside Canada's Democratic narrative quickly gets labeled as Terrorists, Racist, White Supremacist, Islamophobic, Disinformation, Extremism, Right Wing, Polarizing, Small Fringe Minority or as Dividing the Nation in order to silence all opposition to the Canadian Nazi Plan. The Government of Canada deflects all scrutiny and blames the morally strong, a population never able to challenge or ask questions.
People become weaker, demoralized as the parasites get stronger every day, government intent is NOT to uplift the morally WEAK within Canadian society.. rather they seek to dismantle and weaken the morally strong and bring them into submission. Government appointed Judges, RCMP and Canadian Judicial Council are a part of the system intended to weaken society, together they help insure people with high moral value cannot speak due to fear of being, fined, jailed or being arrested. A main problem is Government, Homosexuals and Immigration adopted ZERO tolerance toward long held Canadian values and traditions, they are setting the agenda. This same ZERO tolerance is now required by the morally strong in order to take Canada back.
It took years of propaganda and laws before the mass extermination started in Nazi Germany.. The same building blocks of propaganda and hate towards people of Canada are being used today. There is a grave danger that A NAZI STYLE CULL of Livestock will be initiated at some point in Canada that will have those who oppose big brother government or are no longer needed eliminated from earth.
Adolf Hitler Quote: Before God and the world, the stronger has the right to carry through what he wills.
A Mind Full of Fear Has No Room For It's Own Thoughts.
One major defining moment in world history needs to take place, disease, world hunger, environmental, economic, civil unrest.. some occurrence for the United Nations, the Domestic and Foreign Parasitic society to spring into action.. an event that will repeated on fake news disinformation broadcasts in order to gain world population support and submission. A one government.. Hitler style “New World Order - A Great World Reset” is about to happen and within reach for the International Parasite Society. Any freedom will be decided based upon the international Parasite needs. At the beginning the military will take instructions from the leaders of the Canadian Anti-Christ assembly. Future military and police will take instructions based upon law created internationally without the consent of the general Canadian population. The clamp on freedoms is happening now.
Adolf Hitler Quote: How to achieve the moral breakdown of the enemy before the war has started -- that is the problem that interests me.
An Education System Taken Over by Government. A Forced Destabilization of Children.
The domestic and international parasite society are solidly the farmers and ordinary Canadians the sheep. Everything government does at this point is only a distraction and all a hoax. It no longer matters who you elect to run Canada at this time, the Government "Anti-Christ Assembly" has placed it's cronies into all high raking positions throughout Canada and the world internationally, representing Canadians down the dark golden path.
Loss of Liberty and Canadian Freedom:
This website is intended to explain how your freedom has already been lost and your liberty will be lost shortly. Loss of Liberty is a bit different than the loss of freedom. Loss of liberty means curfew and loss of movement and possible instructions for being at a certain place at a certain time or maybe some people allowed to do things while others are not permitted.
Canadians Must Remove the Democratic Parasites. Before it is Too Late.
Canada has already been invaded, a foreign threat that poses great danger to our way of life. Everyone knows that loss of liberty is something that happens when an invading army captures a country. The army immediately imposes strict movement on the citizens. Basically imposing the army rule on the citizens of that country. It is happening now in Canada and we need to act today.

Canadian Hitler Democracy Is Here.

Our Canadian system of democracy and most world democracy are based on the same democratic system that NAZI Adolph Hitler used to take liberty away from so many. Democracy is not just elections .. in Canada, government is a assembly of government appointments and laws that do not require the consent of the population. Elections have little to do with this as elections fail to change the "Anti-Christ Assembly". The system is what I will talk about today.

NO Political Promise Will Change What Has Happened to Canada. Democracy Itself Needs The Change.

In Canada the government has supreme control over its citizens, this makes it easy for a core foreign international parasite society to become a part of the strategic influence and government planning in Canadian law, immigration and homosexuality. These people have discovered that it is not necessary to use military to conquer a nation, like Hitler did, but use Canada’a very own government to destabilize its citizens leading to full control of the people.

Government Disinformation and Lies Pumped Into The Soft Heads of Canadians.
Antifa Canada Extremist Terrorists

In Canada, government hand picks it’s cronies for all parts of authority. This has grave danger to all ordinary citizens of Canada since changing governments does not change the “Ant-Christ Assembly”. We have senators, judges, international ambassadors and more selected by government based upon dominance of the elite and acceptance of foreign influence. The government has appointed everyone in power today.. scarred yet?

Electing a new government fails to remove the Anti-Christ assembly.

It is this assembly Canadians must remove for Canadians to regain democracy. The system is solidly against anyone who wants to change things for the better. Laws that take freedom are never changed with future governments, with more law added by the next government. Everything government does now is a distraction intended to keep Canadian minds occupied elsewhere.

An Entire Canadian Generation Without Purpose:

The generation born after 1945 has let down all future generations and all future Canadian families, the future children and grandchildren of this country. All the adult Canadians remain silent as this country falls apart. Some employed and taking an income for destabilizing Canada and its children.

Disinformation on Islamophobia Can Stop Today. STOP Destructive Muslim Immigration Without Population Consent.

If you DO NOT AGREE with the Government Extremist Plan to destabilize the people of Canada BECOME THE VOICE and NOT THE VICTIM against Government extremism. If you oppose homosexuality being taught in schools .. say it. If you oppose the destabilizing Canadian culture and identity through the introduction of a very different and competing culture… say it. Protest it. If you oppose Cross dressers and Drag Queens reading stories to your children in school.. say it. The time is now to speak, before it is too late to save our Canadian heritage and identity.

GOVERNMENT.. Deconstructing the Sexual Identity of Children.
Antifa is an Extremist Terrorist Group operating openly in Canada.. This group is not reported by main stream media. RCMP do not arrest Antifa when they assault ordinary Canadians. Government extremist and media fully support Antifa as a method to silence opposition. Antifa works in the background, removing anyone who opposes Government extremism. The upcoming years are crucial for Canadians as Government and extremist Antifa are looking to remove all opposition to their plan. No matter who you elect.. Antifa and Government hold a far left extremist view of Canada which must be challenged by the ordinary people of Canada before late. Canadian FREEDOM is at stake here. These are terrorists against the Canadian way of life and heritage.
Fight now against Government extremism or live like sheep forever more.
Democracies are Combining - New World Order Within Reach of Parasites:
All World Democracies are combining at this time. Canada needs to distance itself from the corrupt policies of the United Nations and all foreign influence, let's start being a country again and not simply electing politicians to rub elbows with foreign interest who are changing Canada. Let's bring democracy back into the hands of the ordinary Canadian where it belongs.
Adolf Hitler Quote: The man who has no sense of history, is like a man who has no ears or eyes.
Government Gun Control For The Lawful Canadian.. Is for Control of The Ordinary.
There is talk about a New World Order, also called "The Great Reset", that is alleged to bring justice and law to every human on this planet. It will govern all the ordinary people of the world. What bullshit.. as if Canadians cannot decide how to govern themselves. This is all about every ordinary person on this planet becoming an item that will be harvested, owned and controlled by only a few elite.

Democratic Parasite Using Tactics To Establish Total Control.. Introducing a Digital World.

Taxation, immigration, homosexuality are influenced internationally for a purpose to divide the Canadian population. Government is introducing another culture into Canada without the consent of the population. Government open border immigration of Homosexual activists and activist media into this country are changing society and Canadians vision of what this country should be. No law to govern the domestic and foreign international parasite secret society currently taking control of the Canadian population and influencing destructive laws for Canada.

In the background the Democracy of Canada is seeking population tracking, complete control including all banking and your accounts. Everything you do is be monitored by Government of Canada and internationally within the very near future.

Become a PROUD Islamophobic - Islam Is Not Canadian.

Government plan is to create a sense of urgency within the population … an urgency that will have Canadians freely accept the loss of freedom in exchange for government promises. Great promises will be made for normalization and stabilization whether the government urgency is real, created or an imagined urgency.. but first Canadians will be required to agree to giving up freedom to government. Once freedom is lost it no longer will matter whether the government keeps the promises of normalization and stability or not.

Government Tyranny Against The Lawful People of Canada

The Government of Canada and it's use of excessive force, R.C.M.P. police and the Canadian military is a wake up call for the citizens of Canada as they dismantle Peaceful Protests using the Canadian War Measures Act. A test of the Canadian Nazi systems and laws in order to completely strip freedoms and liberty from all Canadian Citizens. The people of Canada must rise up against Government of Canada, it is no longer a democracy of the people. We must hold the line and demand that our current Representative Government be replaced with a Direct Democracy, a democracy run by the Canadian people and not politicians who are feeding off the good will of ordinary Canadians.

Adolf Hitler Quote: To conquer a nation we must disarm the citizens first.

Fight As Lions For a Direct Democracy or Live Like Sheep Forever More.

All Canadians need to be concerned regarding the Gestapo R.C.M.P. and the Canadian Nazi Third Reich response to a peaceful Truckers Freedom Convoy 2022. The Canadian R.C.M.P. and Military are clearly taking instructions from the Canadian Nazi Third Reich command center and no longer are accepting instructions from the people of Canada. The Government of Canada will pin the Gestapo R.C.M.P. and Nazi Third Reich Military against the people while the leaders go into hiding.
Overthrowing a Representative Democracy Favoring a Direct Peoples Democracy
The Canadian representative system of democracy has failed the people of Canada and most other democracy around the world. Ordinary Canadians have been without a voice for a very long time. Government continues to allege they have the mandate of the people when government is outside the control of the ordinary Canadian. Only Government detractions and the destabilizing our country remain. No longer does it make any common sense on trying to save any part of the current government system. No longer can Canadians depend on electing a new Government of Canada or a new Prime Minister of Canada when all the prior baggage assembled over the years remains solidly in place. No longer is it as simple as replacing one Prime Minister with another Prime Minister or one Political Party with another Political Party when the same tyrannical democratic system remains. The time is now.
Adolf Hitler Quote: The great masses of the people will more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one.

Islam Is Not Canadian.

The solution is to completely scrap Canada's Political Party System and run independents within each riding. Scrap the Representative Democracy and all it's cronies replacing it with independent candidates representing Canadians in Parliament. No longer have a political party system rather than independent representatives throughout Canada in Parliament.

Past and Current Government Officials and Prime Ministers Hunted for TREASON against the people of Canada.

A direct democracy requires a complete purge of laws back to 1977, restoring a population identity, a purge of senators, a purge of ambassadors, a purge of judges and a purge senior government officials, all replaced by the people who are not connected with the political parasites. A PEOPLES DEMOCRACY FOR THE PEOPLE. The Canadian people most likely will rise up again in a peaceful protest to Government Policy at some point. The choice will be the Government Parasite to make, they can decide to listen and admit change or to once again invoke the "War Measures Act" against the lawful people of Canada. The Canadian Adolph Hitler Democracy's reason for disarming lawful people.. the Parasites want full control of you without you having any ability fighting back government tyranny. The people must make their demands clearly stated and peacefully... "Canadian's no longer want a Government that is run by the few domestic and international parasites, people must demand a DIRECT DEMOCRACY as detailed within this website.. A Government that refuses to administer the will of Canadian's will most likely end with a civil war in order to remove the Parasites once and for all. It is not the Canadian people who will be at fault for civil war.. it will be the government who most likely will instruct curfew and have a military and police removing people off streets and going home to home. This will be the last stand for freedom in Canada. Who knows the people may not do anything and simply submit to a totalitarian Government.

Government Deflecting Scrutiny Placing The Blame onto Canadians.

It is probable that the Government of Canada will use all means necessary including the Canadian fake media to claim a peoples insurrection against what they will describe as a democracy. Changing the Canadian democracy is not an insurrection against democracy rather an insurrection on the method of democracy. The peoples voice must be heard.
A Main Stream Media Lie Based Upon Ongoing Government Disinformation Narrative.
One thing for certain a change must happen, removing the parasitic rulers of the land and replacing the Canadian NAZI HITLER style democracy with one of a people democracy. The best outcome for all Canadians would be a peaceful transition into a direct democracy. President John F Kennedy once said “Those who make a peaceful revolution impossible will make a violent revolution inevitable.” If the Canadian and international parasite leaders decide to fight in order to keep control of Canada, a civil war may result. Although possible, I don’t think the RCMP, Military and Canadian Government will be interested in killing the Canadian people who want peaceful democratic change. Instructions for the Government of Canada will be handed down by international parasites at this time. If civil war happens it would not be any fault of the ordinary people, but the parasites who want to retain control over the ordinary Canadian with force. The Canadian democracy has totally collapsed. Government disinformation and lies remain.

Disarming Canadians For International FORCED Nazi Control of People.

Hitler Nazi Lie

The "New World Order" comes disguised as world trade agreements that the Canadian Government signs and other methods involving many countries, like a World Terror Agreement. It is possible that a "World Terror Agreement" is the first step in creating world law for ordinary people. Smaller agreements are being signed by the Government of Canada with several countries for plenty other reasons.. but the end result that is achieved by the "Canadian Anti-Christ Assembly" is the loss of liberty and no ability to choose. Who knows in passing years an international government may tell people where to be and what to do. The Government of Canada is not to be trusted at this time.

REQUIRED - Direct Democracy.. removing parasite rulers of the land.

With every World Trade Agreement there probably will be huge promises from other Governments and Foreign Billionaires wanting to invest and make employment here in Canada. The Canadian Media will promote "The Great World Reset" as a very positive event and maybe it will be good for the first few years as the "New World Order" gets firmly established in Canada.

Adolf Hitler Quote: The doom of a nation can be averted only by a storm of flowing passion, but only those who are passionate themselves can arouse passion in others.
Workers Helping Government Take Freedom For Income.

Ordinary people will, at some point, no longer accept International laws forced upon the people without the consent of its citizens. The people who helped this happen will be unemployed or rounded up by Government. Government will have no further use of the ones who assisted in destabilizing the population.

Disarming lawful Canadians Does Nothing For Safety.

Instead of the Canadian Government changing to reflect the peoples wishes, Government seeks to impose military rule and a population clamp on freedoms in an effort for the foreign elite to continue in power. There is no easy answers for removing the Domestic and International Parasites who are in control of our democracy, our government has embraced them.

Adolf Hitler Quote: Universal education is the most corroding and disintegrating poison that liberalism has ever invented for its own destruction.

Canada Run By Pure HITLER Evil, No Consent Of The People
Any agreements signed by the Government of Canada are dangerous at this point and need to be avoided. The Government of Canada cannot be trusted.
Appointing Unstable, Extremist Left, Workers, Ambassadors and Judges.
Nothing takes away the fact the Canadian Government is, and continues to destabilize Canada without any regard to the population. Enacting international agreements and laws without the consent of the population. Of course the Government of Canada will be looking to have Canadians freely accept becoming a part of the "New World Order" "Great World Reset", however it materializes. Government and the fake media intends on making it appear sweet for Canadians.
Adolf Hitler Quote: Struggle is the father of all things, virtue lies in blood, leadership is primary and decisive.
Freedoms and Liberty are Not Given They are Gained:
The freedom to own firearms is being taken away for reasons other that the fake media and government wants you to believe. Hitler said “we will disarm the people in order to make our streets safer and policing more efficient“ Hitler also said that “to conquer a country you must first disarm its citizens“. Our disinformation government and fake media are saying the same things as the Hitler democracy did. There are other ways to have safe streets in Canada without taking away the freedom and liberty for lawful people to own firearms. The government and fake media allegations that certain firearms are not required for hunting is a government hoax and goes toward what government and powerful international elite society have planned for Canada. The taking of your freedoms and liberty by force with the "New World Order".

Adolf Hitler Quote: A single blow must destroy the enemy... without regard of losses... a gigantic all - destroying blow.

Democracy without the Consent of the People:

Canada’s government Anti-Christ parasites are working without the consent of the Canadian population and must be overthrown in favor of a true democracy. No one in the current government, whether elected or appointed, should have any roll or opinion in reestablishing democracy, these people are not to be trusted with anything including opinions. No one who advised the government must not have a say in a new Canadian democracy. Alleged experts the government used in the past gets flushed with all the others. No committee is struck to examine nor to try find the solutions. The solution is having one person present a vision of democracy and present this vision directly to the people. Canada has exactly the same democracy that Hitler’s German Nazi democracy and this has to change.

Adolf Hitler Quote: We are the strong who will remove our enemy from society.

Adolf Hitler Quote: What luck for rulers, that men do not think.
The Stripping of Canadian Traditions, Identity and Heritage.
Canadian Government and its innermost connections are hopeful that Canadian citizens will submit to Government. Remember what was said earlier, this war is different without an invading army or bullet ever being fired. Peaceful people will be scared into submission, ordinary people will be labeled rioters, racist, white supremacist, neo-nazi, far right extremist. Scared to leave their homes. Peaceful demonstrations will become a thing of the past. These are all tactics in order to divert attention from a failed Government of Canada and place attention onto the ordinary.
Never Before.. Billionaire Profit and Millions of Immigrants Flooding Canada Causing Inflation.
With Government support Homosexuality and Immigrants will continue to have zero tolerance against Canadian values. Islam is not Canadian. No country nor republic can survive if their heritage, identity and traditions do not survive. Our country is doomed to fail at the hands of the Nazi Government of Canada.

Social Engineering, Human Science and Government Control:
Finally.. The Canadian Government are experts at social engineering the minds of people, this is when repetitive steps are taken by government and fake media to have a preferred response from the population and with time the acceptance of what government does. Canadians realize much of what is being promoted daily goes against what many Canadians believe to be true, Government is looking to change society without the consent of the population.
Islam... the dismantling of a Canadian Christian Heritage.
Among other things.. the Canadian government promotion of fear, labeling Canadians as terrorist, racist is a tactic by government to remove the focus off themselves and place focus onto the ordinary. This has successfully worked to deflect attention from the government and place the attention onto the people. Hoping the people fight among themselves.
The Moral Decay of Society, Heritage, Canadian Identity by a Forced Acceptance of Homosexual, Immigration and other Law.
Homosexuality, disarmament, introducing foreign cultures and immigration are lies brought forward to take away Canadian traditions, identity and slowly remove peoples liberty. It’s all a Hoax, government without tolerance for the Canadian people. Islam is not Canadian. It is not racist to want to restore Canada's past identity, culture, traditions and heritage that was past down from many generations. It is about restoring Canada to what it once was.
Canadians are at war with our own parasitic government without any shots being fired and Government of Canada is winning. An international method of war that the Government of Canada has adopted, deeply within the culture of the Canadian Government which pins past Canadian culture and identity into very different international standards. Our country cannot survive if our past traditions and identity do not survive. The “Great World Reset” “New World Order” is about to happen within this generation. People will become slaves to Government and the International Parasitic Elite.. we no longer will be Canadian with our traditions our Canadian identity collapsed by the very few International players who want power over everything including people.
Good luck.

Democracy Code of Canada
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