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Heavily Armed RCMP and Military With Automatic Weapons Invoking Martial Law on Behalf of The Democracy of Canada Against UNARMED Peaceful Women, Men and Children Protesting For Freedom. Freedom Convoy 2022.
Democracy Code of Canada - To Restore Canada Into the Hands of the Ordinary People:

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Mr. Postnikoff wishes to make the world and Canada a better and safer place to live without


and the

United Nations

Transitioning Into a Totalitarian Canadian Government
Transition Into Totalitarian Canadian Government
Mr. Postnikoff is a strong advocate for the Freedom of the Canadian People.
Like most Canadians Paul can see what is happening as we all watch the world crumble. Canadian's fighting among themselves is exactly what the

Domestic and International Tyrants

want, providing a Government made solution to the problem they created. They will place all Canadians into lock down. Government Rulers will encourage an increased level of security than ever before in the history of Canadian Democracy. Canadian and International Government Tyrants will promote loss of freedom as being temporary.
This war is without shots being fired and no invading armies of marching troops crossing borders into Canada. It is an effort by the Parasitic Ruling Class to take the ultimate control, they destabilize independent countries by removing historic traditions and identity. The ruling class want Canadians to fight among ourselves. No country nor republic can survive if it's heritage, traditions and culture do not survive. That's the point. Canada is doomed at the hands of the Government of Canada. The Failing Canadian Democracy has already materialized with the Rulers controlling your every through propaganda and construction of Canadian problems. Creating problems in order to find solutions. They sell the population on a narrow view of reality and implement the solutions with the problems they made. It will be a fight for freedom by the ordinary people that will come quickly, people with hopes of restoring Canadian culture and traditions to a time before. As the Canadian Rulers go in hiding they will continue command of the Military and Police from bunkers, taking whatever action necessary in order to remove your freedom.
President John F Kennedy JFK - The 1961 Secret Society Speech To The Press That Killed Him
President JFK - The 1961 Secret Society Speech To The Press That Killed Him
Mr. Postnikoff's ambition is purely a peaceful one. A peaceful revolution has already started and being ignored by the rulers. Canada is nothing like it was before the United Nations and NATO formed in the mid 1940’s, nothing in Canada is the same, although a few traditions still remain, our culture and traditions will be all destroyed. Canadians must bring past Canadian Leaders to Justice for TREASON against the people of Canada, strip the rulers from wealth and put them away for life imprisonment. Like most Canadians, Mr. Postnikoff is a peaceful, law abiding, non-violent Canadian Citizen who can foresee the future from what is happening now in Canada and around the world. The Ruling Class in Canada are preventing

Peaceful Revolutions

, this most likely will result in a Violent Revolution at some point. A Spark may be all that is needed to ignite the people and overthrow the Domestic and International Rulers of Canada. All past officials whether elected or appointed need to be removed and democracy restarted. Everything Government policy gets flushed and brought into line with Canadian Historic Culture and Values of 1945. Civil unrest is what the Domestic and International Rulers of Canada want. This would permit Martial Law against the world people that will take the ultimate control of freedom.
After the Parasitic Politicians go into hiding.
Trudeau - The Dismantling of the Canadian Population and Freedom
1. Removal of all law that proposes to protect minority and impacts the Majority. 2. Removal and replacement of all Immigration Law. 3. Restore Canadian Identity to 1945 level. 4. Removal of Government surveillance and databases that track Canadians. 5. Make constitutional change ensuring Canadian Culture and traditions remain at 1945 levels. 6. Restore Canadian historic cultural identity to 1945 levels. 7. Remove the Canadian Senate. 8. Independent Commoners Representing the people. 9. Remove association with United Nations and NATO. 10. Remove all Homosexual Pride funding and Government promotion to children. 11. Replace all who have been appointed ambassadors, Judges and Government officials world wide. 12. Have Judges elected by the people 13. Make constitution change 14. Remove Homosexual adoption and marriage. 15. Tax Reform, Highest Marginal taxes to 1979 levels, investment export tax. 16. Constitutional law to prevent parasitic Canadian Government.
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