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Heavily Armed RCMP and Military With Automatic Weapons Invoking Martial Law on Behalf of The Democracy of Canada Against UNARMED Peaceful Women, Men and Children Protesting For Freedom. Freedom Convoy 2022.
Democracy Code of Canada - To Restore Canada Into the Hands of the Ordinary People:

Canadian Destabilizing Immigration Islamic, Sikh, Hindu Culture

Canadian Destabilizing Immigration Islamic, Sikh, Hindu Culture The reason the Government of Canada adopted

Islamic Immigration

and promoting a

Democratic Islamophobia

including Canadians being alleged as Racist by Government is because

the Islamic culture is not Canadian and they fail to adopt the Canadian way. Domestic and International Rulers of Canada want a problem where the people will fight among themselves.

Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre Dismantling Canadian Traditions and Culture
Poilievre Treason Against Canada

Government of Canada


destabilizing the Canadian People

, deflecting all responsibility for


Policy from themselves. The population of Canada is the problem for Government. Canadian Citizens fail to agree with what the Democracy of Canada has done to

Canadian Culture

and Historic Identity of Canada. Government avoids all open discussions or scrutiny from ordinary Canadians and view themselves above the people as the rulers over the land.
Unacceptable Diversification Made by a Ruling Class of Government Liars.

Cultural Diversification

is a LIE no different than the words “Racist, White Supremacist, Islamophobic, Homophobic, Fringe Minority, Terrorists”. Labels are a big part of the Government ongoing Canadian repetitive propaganda. Canadians are being bombarded with disinformation from the people of trust, Government hoping people will fight among ourselves. It is about control of people and nothing to do with Racism or the Alleged Government Diversification.. People unaware of what is happening around themselves as Canadians are promoted as "Conspiracy Theories" and “Racist”. Any opposition to the Rulers is labeled the problem, with a Government made solution for requiring more laws protecting the destabilizing Canadian minorities they created. The Rulers of Canada use phases such as “Islamophobia”, “White Supremacy”, “Far Right Extremist”, “Racists” or “Belonging to a Group of Fringe Minority”, in order to deflect real discussions and pinpointing the people responsible surrounding the destabilizing of the Canadian Democracy. A major physiological warfare on the minds of an already weakened Canadian critical thinking ability.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Dismantling Canadian Traditions and Culture
Trudeau Treason Against Canada
Islam, Hindu and Sikh are not Canadian. It is not racist to restore Canadian culture. No matter how the small event, The Canadian Media are quick to point to anything that looks or negatively effects the projected image of

Islam, Hindu or Sikh

in Canada, yet fail to inform the Canadian people of all the bloodshed and terrorism around the world at the hands of Islam and Muslim groups. Christians are being murdered daily by Islam yet the Canadian media fails to report these racist events choosing to replay events that appear as Islamic Hate in Canada.
Canadian people are NOT moving from Canada into Islamic Countries, yet the reverse is true. Like an invading army, Government of Canada has brought

Islam, Sikh and Hindu

into Canada to remove

Canadian Culture and Identity

with Deep State support from the United Nations. The Rulers of Canada want the population to fight so Government can implement solutions including Martial Law on the people. The Deep State Domestic and International Government of Canada have plans forming another government after the collapse of Canadian democracy. The very few

Domestic and International Rulers

will control all people once the destabilization of the world is complete. A new system of government ruled by the same Ruling Class will emerge, promising solutions of normalization by offering great promises of peace including handouts in exchange for forming government once again.
It is not racist for Canadians to want to restore Canada to a time before. Islamic, Hindu and Sikh culture are not Canadian Culture.

Islamic, Sikh and Hindu

immigrants are not integrating into what was Canadian long held traditions, culture and Canadian society, the Rulers seeking to destroy Canada from long held traditions,

culture and traditions

leading to full control of the people.
Stand as a Proud Islamophobic Canadian - Government Attack On Canadian Culture and Traditions Throughout the world Islam has proven to be a violent people. Nothing has changed, they still remain a very violent religion world wide. "Open Border" immigration of

Islam, Sikh and Hindi

has intensified as the domestic and international parasites seek to destabilize Canada and gain criminal strength, stripping Canadian traditions and identity from what once was a sovereign country. A war is under way without any military shots fired, ordinary people under attack with a stripping of Canadian traditions and identity.
Open Border - Islamic Immigration - Leaving Canadian Culture Behind.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Dismantling Canadian Traditions and Culture
A Government Against Canada
This invasion of Canada is no different than Hitler and Nazi Germany in World War II. Different methods and new tactics of conquering Canada by using our own democratic

Canadian Government

. Canadians are at war with our own

Government and International Rulers of Canada

. An invasion that includes Immigration, Homosexuality and laws used for destabilizing Canadian traditions and the identity of the people leading to full control by Domestic and International Rulers. A country without identity, traditions or heritage cannot survive this style of international invasion leaving Canada without sovereignty.
The Construction of World Problems World leaders gain the population recognition of many constructed problems, no matter what they are, world leaders will continue to create problems for Canadians that require a Ruling Class Solution. This destabilizing method of law will continue to erode freedom of the Canadian people.
Transitioning Into a Totalitarian Canadian Government
Transition Into Totalitarian Canadian Government
The Government of Canada tactics include removing focus off themselves by placing it onto the ordinary Canadian. Blaming the ordinary Canadian for racism, Islamophobia or homophobia provides an open window of opportunity for government to continue to destabilize the country's traditions, religion and identity, it diverts blame from the Government source and places it onto the not suspecting population. People will fight among themselves as Government sits back and provides the solutions for the population. One must look at the source of the problem not the people. The people of Canada are not the problem. A Proud Canadian Islamophobic. Introduction of a competing

Islamic, Sikh and Hindi


into Canada is not by mistake. Government of Canada seeks to destroy Canadian

traditions and heritage

. Both Islam and homosexuality have been introduced into Canada without any consent of the population. Nothing to do with racism or protecting minority. Canada is not Afghanistan or Syria.. we are Canada.
Canadian traditions are under attack, Canadian's must take back Canada and remove turbans and hijab's from government. Islamic Symbolism does not belong in Canada. Islam, Sikh and Hindi are not Canadian. Both Government and Islam must be made to understand that they are in Canada and not in terrorist counties like Afghanistan or Syria, they must adopt Canadian culture and traditions if they are to stay in Canada. Not Canadians adopting the Islamic or Sikh way of life.
The 2030 Democratic Agenda UnMasked - For Those Preparing For What's Coming NEXT!
Islam Enters a War as Invading Army The next war may or may not include Islam from the beginning, the danger for Canadian's is if any Islamic Country enters any war in any country as an invading army. Should Islam enter any world war, the Islamic people who immigrated into western democracies will use terrorism around the world to destabilize the military from within. Every country will be on fire at this time. Canadian military as well as military around the world will be focused on terror created by Islam at home rather than any Islamic invading forces elsewhere. Giving Islamic Invading forces the edge needed with the Government of Canada invoking Martial Law on all Canadians. Your freedom is at stake right now due to the Democracy being lead by Tyrants. Replacing one ruling Tyrant with another Ruling Tyrant is no answer since they are all connected to the same system of Democracy and laws. The same Government appointed assembly of Judges, ambassadors, Senators and senior government officials throughout the world never change the direction of Canada since they are a part of the problem. This is TREASON against Canada, all officials whether elected or appointed must be held to account. Current and Past Government officials who preached tolerance will go into hiding and hunted by the ordinary Canadian in order to be brought to Justice as Canadians restore Canada to traditional

culture and identity

. It is hoped that at some point the Canadian Military and Gestapo RCMP police will stop protecting a totalitarian style of government and help ordinary Canadian people give rise to a renewed democracy in Canada, a democracy that includes the people. This will be not an insurrection on Democracy rather than an insurrection on the Method of Democracy that has been adopted by the Rulers of the Land
About Government of Canada - Canadian Immigration - Immigration Canada Immigration to Canada has taken an open border approach to bringing foreigners into Canada.

Immigration into Canada

is the process by which people migrate to Canada for the purpose of residing there—and where a majority go on to become Canadian citizens. As of 2019, Canada has the eighth largest immigrant population in the world, while foreign-born people make up about one-fifth (21% in 2019) of Canada’s population—one of the highest ratios for industrialized Western countries.
Canadian Law, Open Borders For Immigrants Recent Immigration is favored for persons who are homosexual, those who are a visible minority news and sports reporters including Islamic and Sikh TV personalities. This is a part of Canadian Government destabilizing Canada. Traditional Canadian people who are not homosexual or Islamic are the current problem for the Canadian Government. Government creating a need for solution for the problems they introduced in the first place. This has nothing to do with racism rather than a need for government to destabilize the population and the people wanting to restore Canada to a time before. It is Government fault. In the post-World War II period, Canadian domestic immigration law and policy went through significant changes, most notably with the Immigration Act, 1976, and the current Immigration and Canadian Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) from 2002. Immigration in Canada since the 1970s, has been mostly from Asia and Islamic Countries. This was largely influenced in 1976 when the Immigration Act was revised and was maintained as official government policy. The regulations introduced in 1967 consisted of 9 categories: education, occupation, professional skills, age, arranged employment, knowledge of English and/or French, relatives in Canada and personal characteristics. To qualify for immigration 50 points out of 100 were necessary in 1967. On 20 February 1978, Canada and Quebec sign an immigration agreement allowing Quebec decision-making power in independently choosing its immigrants, who would then still have to be approved by Ottawa.
President John F Kennedy JFK - The 1961 Secret Society Speech To The Press That Killed Him
President JFK - The 1961 Secret Society Speech To The Press That Killed Him
During the Mulroney administration, Canadian Immigration Canada for Islamic People levels were increased. From the late 1980s, the 'fifth wave' of Canadian Immigration Canada for Islamic People has since maintained, with slight fluctuations (225,000–275,000 annually). Today, all political parties remain cautious in criticizing high levels of Canadian Immigration of Islamic People. In the early 1990 The Globe and Mail noted Canada's Reform Party "was branded 'racist' for suggesting that Canadian Immigration Canada for Islamic People levels be lowered from 250,000 to 150,000". However, the Coalition Avenir Quebec who were elected in the 2018 Quebec election advocated for a reduction to the number of Islamic immigrants to 40,000. In 2008, Stephen Harper gave then-parliamentary secretary and Minister of Multiculturalism and Citizenship Jason Kenney, a mandate to try integrate Islamic immigrants, while improving relationship between the government and Islamic and Sikh communities to gain votes. In November 2017, Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen announced that Canada would admit nearly 1 million permanent Islamic residents over the following three years, rising from 0.7% to 1% of its population by 2020. In 2008, Citizenship and Canadian Immigration Canada for Islamic People Canada (now Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) ) made changes to Canadian Immigration Canada for Islamic People policy, such as reducing professional categories for skilled Canadian Immigration Canada for Islamic People and eliminating caps for Islamic immigrants in various categories. Likewise, in 2015, Canada introduced the 'Express Entry' system, providing a streamlined application process for many Islamic and Sikh economic immigrants. Sikhs celebrating the Sikh new year in Toronto From 2013–2014, most of the Canadian public, as well as the country's major political parties, supported either sustaining or increasing the current level of Canadian Immigration Canada for Islamic People. A sociological study conducted in 2014 concluded that "Australia and Canada are the most receptive to Canadian Immigration Canada for Islamic People among western nations." In 2017, an Angus Reid poll indicated that a majority of respondents believed that Canada should accept fewer immigrants and refugees. According to 2016 Census data via Statistics Canada, over one in five Canadians were born abroad, while 22.3% of the Canadian population belonged to visible minorities, of whom three in ten were born in Canada. Moreover, 21.9% of the Canadian population reported themselves as being or having been a landed immigrant or permanent resident in Canada—close to the 1921 Census record of 22.3%, the highest level Canada has seen since Confederation in 1867. In 2019, Canada admitted 341,180 permanent residents, compared to 321,055 the previous year. Among those admitted, 58% were economic immigrants and their accompanying immediate families; 27% were family class; 15% were either resettled refugees or protected persons or were in the humanitarian and other category. In 2001, 250,640 people immigrated to Canada, relative to a total population of 30,007,094 people per the 2001 Census. Since 2001, Canadian Immigration Canada for Islamic People has ranged between 221,352 and 262,236 immigrants per annum. In 2017, the Liberal government announced Canada will welcome nearly one million immigrants over the next three years. The number of migrants would climb to 310,000 in 2018, up from 300,000 in 2017. That number was projected to rise to 330,000 in 2019, then 340,000 in 2020. Accordingly, between 2017 and 2018, net Canadian Immigration Canada for Islamic People accounted for 80% of Canada’s population increase. A New level of Islamic, Sikh and Hindi immigration Increased. The social component – Canadian Immigration Canada for Islamic People facilitates family reunification. The humanitarian component – Relating to refugees allowing Islam, Sikh and Hindi to be immigrate into Canada without the consent of the population. Government created these laws.. now it up to the people of Canada to remove them. Canadian Immigration Canada for Islamic, Sikh and Hindi People peaked in 1993 in the last year of the Progressive Conservative government and was maintained by the Liberal Party of Canada. Ambitious targets of an annual 1% per capita Canadian Immigration Canada for Islamic and Sikh People rate were hampered by financial constraints. The Liberals committed to raising actual Canadian Immigration Canada for Islamic and Sikh levels further in 2005. As Canadian political parties have been cautious about criticizing high levels of Canadian Immigration Canada for Islamic and Sikh People, Canadian Immigration Canada for Islamic and Sikh levels to Canada (approx. 0.7% per year) are considerably higher per capita than to the United States (approx. 0.3% per year). Immigrant population growth is concentrated in or around large cities. These cities have experienced increased service demands that accompany strong Islamic and Sikh population growth, causing concern about the capability of the infrastructure to handle influxes in such places. For example, as noted in a Toronto Star article from 14 July 2006, 43% of Canada's immigrants move to the Greater Toronto Area and that, "unless Canada cuts immigrant numbers, our major cities will not be able to maintain their social and physical infrastructures." While cities are a popular destination for new immigrants, some small towns have seen an influx of Canadian Immigration Canada for Islamic People due to economic reasons and local schools districts are working to adjust to the change. According to Canadian Immigration Canada for Islamic and Sikh People, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, under the Canada–Quebec Accord of 1991, Quebec has sole responsibility for selecting most immigrants destined to the province. However, once immigrants are granted permanent residency or citizenship they are free to move between and reside in any provinces under Section 6 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Immigrant settlement patterns and public transit in Toronto, 2016 Within cities, immigrants are more likely to settle in areas with better public transit service compared to non-immigrants, and are more likely to use public transit for traveling to work, partly because of costs and barriers to car ownership. Estimates of undocumented immigrants in Canada range between 35,000 and 120,000. James Bissett, a former head of the Canadian Canadian Immigration Canada for Islamic People Service, has suggested that the lack of any credible refugee screening process, combined with a high likelihood of ignoring any deportation orders, has resulted in tens of thousands of outstanding warrants for the arrest of rejected refugee claimants, with little attempt at enforcement. A 2008 report by the Auditor General Sheila Fraser stated that Canada has lost track of as many as 41,000 illegal immigrants. In August 2017, the border between Quebec and New York, most notably the former Roxham Road port of entry, saw an influx of up to 500 crossings each day outside of official ports of entry by people seeking asylum in Canada. Entering Canada outside of a port of entry is not an offence under either the Criminal Code or Canadian Immigration Canada for Islamic People and Refugee Protection Act, and regulations under the IRPA only require that a person seeking to enter Canada outside a point of entry to "appear without delay" at the nearest port of entry. While entering Canada outside of a port of entry may represent an unlawful act, section 133 of the Canadian Immigration Canada for Islamic People and Refugee Protection Act requires that charges related to any offences associated with entering Canada are stayed while an entrant's claim is being processed in accordance with the Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees. As result, Canada increased border patrol and Canadian Immigration Canada for staffing in the area, reiterating that crossing the border outside ports of entry (referred to as 'irregular migration') had no effect on one's asylum status. It is reported that over 38,000 'irregular migrants' arrived in Canada since early 2017. For the same reason, both Ontario and Quebec requested the Government of Canada to provide $200 million or more to cover their cost of burden to house and provide services to asylum seekers. Related to asylum seekers, Canada joined 164 countries in signing the UN Global Compact for Migration in 2018. The 2017 government claims it is for following careful measures and to meet international obligations in accommodating irregular migrants.
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