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Heavily Armed RCMP and Military With Automatic Weapons Invoking Martial Law on Behalf of The Democracy of Canada Against UNARMED Peaceful Women, Men and Children Protesting For Freedom. Freedom Convoy 2022.
Democracy Code of Canada - To Restore Canada Into the Hands of the Ordinary People:

Democracy Code - Canadian Government Human Sciences

Methods of Human Engineering of Canadians. Canadian Scientific

Social engineering

is a discipline in social science that refers to efforts to influence particular attitudes and social behaviors on a large scale, whether by governments, media or private groups in order to produce desired characteristics in a target population. Canadian Social engineering can also be understood philosophically as a deterministic phenomenon where the intentions and goals of the architects of the new social construct are realized.
Canadian Democratic Mind Control of People
Canadian Government Mass Pychosis Tyranny

Canadian Social engineers

use the scientific method to analyze and understand

social systems of a country

in order to design the appropriate methods to achieve the desired results in the human subjects.

Canadian Government human engineering

encompasses a broad spectrum of society to include political groups, self appointed experts, laws, judges, international organizations, courts, police, media, schools, canadian ambassadors, senators and all levels of government. The government appoints all high level positions within the country to ensure that all provide the public with the same government message.
Government Methods encompass wide ranging tactics including censorship of anything that goes against the government agenda. No Canadian is able to propose positive change without them being labeled by Government. A Canadian population repetitively bombarded by government fake media messages and the effective use of zero tolerance one issue homosexual or Islamic groups, they mold the population into accepting what is not natural or what is

very destructive to Canadian society

The government see themselves as the masters of good will, yet they create the appearance of a very large social movement with nothing more than a few people and fake media support, Canadians blindly follow what has been told to them without any thought of what has been done. Government Human Engineering is repetitive, with the same message heard from several government controlled groups. Government enacts laws and policy to ensure their message is taught in schools, workplaces and throughout society.

Canadian Social Engineering

does not need to be truthful nor does it require to be natural as most people will begin to believe what is told to them given time and repetition.
Hitler Nazi Tell a Big Lie
Human Social Science in Canada. 1.   Create fear within the population - Government continuous repeating of past events that helps government establish fear and the reasoning for an agenda of taking freedoms and liberty away from the population. 2.   Introduce Minorities in order to destabilize a long held Culture and Traditions of Canada. 3.   Government global trade promotion - foreign money influence and promise of financial rewards for the population. 4.   Government control over education - teach young children a Government agenda at an early age. Homosexuality, gender neutrality and pink shirt day with nothing to do with education. 5.   Control media relating to Canadian Courts - Have the Canadian people believe Canadian Justice is fair and applied evenly. The proof of fraud within Canadian courts is never discussed by Government. 6.   Government encouraged creation of zero tolerance - one issue groups that support the Government destabilizing of Canadians thinking. Use of fake main stream media to divide the population. 7.   Government employment guidelines with focus on socially restructuring people of Canada. Accept or become unemployed. 8.   International political groups - Former and current government officials belonging to international groups and influencing government parasitic change to the social fabric of Canada. 9.   Open Border Immigration of Destabilizing World Cultures - repetitively label Canadians racist, white supremacist, neo nazi and far right extremist. 10.   Limit opposing views - Limit free speech with laws that censor media and decent. 11.   Incoming International money - incoming financial support for Islamic religious groups and private schooling of immigrant children. 12.   Repetitive Fake Media - fake message of racism, homosexuality, gun safety and open border immigration. 13.   Selective Experts - same message daily. 14.   Break Canadian traditions and identity - Publicly heckle all who openly oppose the dismantling of Canada. 15.   Police Allegations - propaganda with convictions, with no need for real evidence presented. 16.   Social Media Censorship - anything that provides an opposing opinion is removed. 17.   Homosexual groups and open border immigrant groups with no tolerance for Canadian Culture and Traditions. 18.   Destructive Celebrity opinions that support the agenda - some are influenced by others. 19.   Fake Media Reporting. A media hoax. 20.   Take the focus off of Government and blame the ordinary Canadian. 21.   Government enacting laws without population consent. 22.   Minorities are introduced in order to destabilize the majority and change society. A Threat to Democracy.
President John F Kennedy JFK - The 1961 Secret Society Speech To The Press That Killed Him
President JFK - The 1961 Secret Society Speech To The Press That Killed Him
The People of Canada must deem the Members of this

Parasitic International and Domestic NAZI Style Government

as an invading threat to Canada that has already attacked western civilization and democracy. Fierce Propaganda and lies are changing peoples perception of the world and removing the peoples critical thinking ability. The Government of Canada has adopted a Domestic and International Deep State Parasite method of destabilizing Canada and the world population. The Government of Canada is no longer taking instructions from the people of Canada. Changing one Prime Minister with another fails to change the problem faced by Canadians.
A Method of Destabilization That Removes the Critical Thinking of The People. People become slaves to their own way of thinking. It is not racist to say Canadian Black History Month has little to do with Black History. It is not racist to say the truth, since Canada has little in the way of Black History prior to 1945 and now Canada is celebrating a history that Canadians never had. It has nothing to do with a minority or racialism. This has a destabilizing effect on Peoples thinking as most Canadians are wondering where this “Canadian Black History Month” came from? Why promote this when Canadians are not racist? “Canadian Black History Month” is sold to the people as a Government made solution for protecting a minority while at the same time having the effect of destabilizing the Majority of peoples thoughts. Canadian media propaganda are quickly finding ways to support this thinking, scrambling to interview people of today and finding ways to sell Canadian Black History Month when Canada has never had much of a Black History until recent. Nothing racist about this, it is about Government dividing people into black or white. The Homosexual Agenda The majority do not agree with the

Government of Canada

laws regarding Homosexuals, it destabilizes Canadians and Children's thinking. Breaking the family unit and giving control of children to government authority. Old men are able to get fully naked, with penis flopping out of their pants, in view of minor children because the Government says it is protecting Gender Identity within young girls change rooms. This fails to provide an uplifting effect on society. No parent can stop this erosion of Canadian society. Complaining to the administration of any facility has no effect as they are hired to administer the Government law that permits old male perverts to expose their penis to young girls. Today young children are the target of the Demagog destabilization. The Government of Canada allege a need to protect the minority of old transgender pervert men by offering their solution that protects a small minority of perverts in Canadian society.
The Rulers of Canada Plans to Re-establish After world unrest or world collapse has succeeded, the secret society of a Parasitic International and Domestic Government including the United Nations, NATO and The World Economic Forum plan to take control of people. Plans will offer the population whatever the needs are at the time in hopes of retaining power and offering a soft landing for the rulers over people. The Rulers will make promises in exchange for peoples freedom, promises whether they are kept of not. Feminism - The Makings of Male Gay - Queer Man Canada
Transitioning Into a Totalitarian Canadian Government
Transition Into Totalitarian Canadian Government
The United Nations and the connected Canadian Democracy keep brainwashing the concept of violence against women? Yet there is no violence against men? There is a perceived feminism problem that has been created and needs to be repaired by United Nations with Government Solutions. The Destabilizing effect of pay equity is introduced by the Rulers of Canada with the need for solutions. Women are treated unfairly? Great method of destabilizing future generations of men by having people think there is a problem that requires a Government made solution. The United Nations and Government of Canada seek to have every male in the world become Queer! A negative approach to all democratic societies. Government Made Feminism will not stop until every male in Canada thinks they have a vagina. Islam... the dismantling of a Canadian Christian Heritage. Among other things.. the Canadian government promotion of fear, labeling Canadians as terrorist, racist is a tactic by government to remove the focus off themselves and place focus onto the ordinary. This has successfully worked to deflect attention from the government and place the attention onto the people. Hoping the people fight among themselves. It is not racist to restore Canada to a time before.
Destabilizing Canada From Within. This “DEEP STATE” Foreign and Domestic international parasite society has discovered they can destabilize Canada by using its own Government to gain control of the Canadian population. Increase law and repetitive propaganda in favor of what they see as minority. It is not racist to say that Canada has never had a Black History, Pride Month, Sikh Parades, Islamic Organizations that never occurred in Canada until recently... many many more examples of removing Canadian Culture and traditions. Laws and more law seeking to seeking to create the illusion of protecting minority by government when Government is responsible for creating this illusion in the first place. The Minority Game Brainwash Most law created by Government is NOT intended to provide protection for minority rather laws are created to take freedom from the majority. The Rulers create the problem within society, they promote the problem to society and provide the solution to the problem they created in the first place. The Propaganda Government Propaganda is widely accepted by the population, because it is repetitive and promoted by the the Government appointed Anti Christ Assembly, it is more than one person.. it is a system. These are only a very few examples of The World and Canadian Government and the democracy of the world creating a perceived need, which is usually in favor of tracking or protecting a minority and acting on that need to remove peoples privacy and control us. As steps are taken by local government to sell the population on establishing law in order to find or protect a small segment of the population, this weakens the majority of society, the majority never truly understanding what happened. The Moral Decay of Society, Heritage, Canadian Identity by a Forced Acceptance of Homosexual, Immigration and other Law. Homosexuality, disarmament, introducing foreign cultures and immigration are lies brought forward to take away Canadian traditions, identity and slowly remove peoples liberty. It’s all a Hoax, government without tolerance for the Canadian people. Islam is not Canadian. It is not racist to want to restore Canada's past identity, culture, traditions and heritage that was past down from many generations. It is about restoring Canada to what it once was. Canadians are at war with our own parasitic government without any shots being fired and Government of Canada is winning. An international method of war that the Government of Canada has adopted, deeply within the culture of the Canadian Government which pins past Canadian culture and identity into very different international standards. Our country cannot survive if our past traditions and identity do not survive. The Great World Reset New World Order is about to happen within this generation. People will become slaves to Government and the International Parasitic Elite.. we no longer will be Canadian with our traditions our Canadian identity collapsed by the very few International players who want power over everything including people.
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