The following video is a Tucker Carlson interview with a leading expert on Climate Change. It discusses the United Nations and the many world leaders advancing the climate change propaganda. At Democracy Code we believe it is yet another building block created by the UNITED NATIONS - NEW WORLD ORDER in order to remove freedom from the population of the World. We believe this is an attempt by the United Nations to remove all personal choice whether people use an electric of gasoline operated vehicle or how people heat their homes through Natural Gas. The United Nations is removing freedom of choice.. World Governments have no plans to replant vast areas of timber growth taken by farming, wild fires and industry. A positive solution would be creating and planting green not removing freedom from people of the world.

History will prove that the Democratic Government will be a FAR WORSE and greatly more evil method of Government than any Communist Government. Democracy WILL BE the last form of government on earth that had offered some freedom to the people before the upcoming decay of the entire world into the abyss. It is all a hoax presented by world democratic leaders wanting to take your freedom or any choice.

This Tucker Carlson must see video is definitely thought provoking. Interesting for many to see. Please un-mute the sound to hear the audio and expand the video to full screen if you like.
It is called:

Tucker Carlson - This Is What They Do Not Want You To Know About The Climate Agenda

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