Canadian Democracy Code of Canada
Heavily Armed RCMP and Military With Automatic Weapons Invoking Martial Law on Behalf of The Democracy of Canada Against UNARMED Peaceful Women, Men and Children Protesting For Freedom. Freedom Convoy 2022.
Democracy Code of Canada - To Restore Canada Into the Hands of the Ordinary People:

Democracy Extermination Canadian Christian Traditions, Identity, Culture

Democratically Controlled Extermination of Canadian Christian Traditions, Identity, Culture A Canadian Hitler Style Extermination of Canadian Christian Traditions, Identity, Culture The Government of Canada has claimed, “Cultural Diversification of Canada”. The real truth is Democratically Controlled

Extermination of Canadian Christian Traditions, Identity and Canadian Culture leading to full control of the people

Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre Dismantling Canadian Traditions and Culture
Poilievre Treason Against Canada
Sikh, Islam, Hindu is not a part of Canadian historical Identity and Culture. Nothing to do with diversity, it is the destabilizing of Canada. The

Democracy of Canada

is seeking to

exterminate Christian

beliefs and Canadian Identity from

Canadian long held culture

historically held by the people.
The “DEEP STATE” domestic and international parasites realize that

Canadian Christian

belief must be

exterminated from Canada

and from the world in order for a totalitarian world government to take control. The United Nations is a huge supporter for Destabilizing Canada, preaching cultural diversity in Canada as Islamic, Hindu and Sikh Nations protect their Cultural Identities and heritage within their country. A one sided cultural diversity as no Canadian people are leaving Canada for homes within Islamic Countries. It is Western Democracies that will fall into the hands of Domestic and International Parasites who want control of your freedom.
The enacting of anti-Christian laws and censorship are designed to silence


opposition to the

Government of Canada


Exterminating the Canadian Christian

belief. Those who are opposed to the Government destructive Cultural narrative are quickly sent to jail for trivial crimes like protesting in an area restricted by Government. The Canadian RCMP and Military quickly follow the Domestic Leaders instructions of zero tolerance toward Christian Protests. The

extermination of Canadian Christians

has began.
The Nazi Style Government of Canada hopes to remove real truth from the Canadian people. Domestic and International Rulers replace real truth with the ongoing constructed narrative and repetitive Government propaganda of “Cultural Diversity” and the need to exterminate Christian Canadian heritage and Identity. The Domestic and International Rulers of Canada lie to the people of Canada skillfully using the repetitive propaganda of “Canadian Diversity”, what bull shit. Domestic and International propaganda and Repetitive Narrative of a forced diversification of Canadian Culture into something completely different. Anyone who threatens the Democratic Tyrants agenda is quickly removed, new laws and more laws including Christian buffer zones keep people from expressing any opinion. The Rulers of the land create the problem, they sell the problem with propaganda including an ongoing repetitive narrative.. finally providing a Government made solution to the problem they created. Canadian Disinformation from Fake Media, Government Elected and Appointed Officials are involved in this attack on People. No country or republic can survive if the Traditions, Identity and Culture do not survive. Everything done by the Domestic and International Rulers of Canada is skillfully planned. This is no mistake by Domestic and International Rulers who deflect scrutiny from themselves as they

exterminate Canadian Christian identity

, Christmas and Easter. Government of Canada will use someone else or another trusted organization to deflect from themselves.

Media Disinformation, propaganda and an ongoing narrative

is to sell Canadian people on a government made solution by presenting studies, human rights groups and self appointed government experts as a solution for the problem they created in the first place. Domestic and International Rulers of Canada including the United Nations Human Rights Groups and United Nations Immigration Groups are already involved in this extermination. The Christian identity of Canada is about to be exterminated.
The Unsuspecting Canadian People Helping to Exterminate The Identity of Canada
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Dismantling Canadian Traditions and Culture
Trudeau Treason Against Canada
An International method of Government sponsored destabilizing and extermination of Culture will seriously weaken Canadian Values and Cultural Identity. The Domestic and International Rulers of the Canadian Land are working on creating the next problem for Canadians, hoping for a soft landing approach through propaganda they create. Canadian Christian Heritage and the extermination of Christmas and Easter will be a target for these parasites.
Soon the Rulers of Canada will bombard Canadian thoughts with Propaganda and Repetitive Narrative relating to Christmas and Easter as being RACIST Christian events. They will claim Canadian Christian Heritage fails to accommodate for the NEW “Canadian Diversity” of Islamic, Sikh and Hindu cultures they created. This is textbook Nazi Hitler Democratic Propaganda. The Rulers have already began this transition with traditional Canadian “School Christmas Break” now renamed “Winter Break”. Extermination of the Canadian Christian Identity is in full swing. Canadian and International Government plans are to have people fight among each other so they have an excuse to remove your freedom. Extermination of Peaceful Protest Peaceful Protest are being removed as they are seen as opposition to the Parasitic Democratic Plan for Canada. Like Adolph Hitler, the same propaganda and disinformation is used in creating laws and more laws establishing hate against Christians and hate. Appointed Judges, Military and RCMP assist the Canadian Rulers in rounding up peaceful protestors. Government and Courts restrict people's movements in open public areas. Under the direction of the Canadian Democracy, Judges implement conditions against protest, handing people fines, freezing bank accounts, plundering assets and even jail time for those participating in any peaceful protest. Adolf Hitler Quote: It must be thoroughly understood that lost land will never be won back by solemn appeals to God, nor by hopes in any League of Nations, but only by the force of arms. A Canadian Hitler Democracy Exterminating Traditions and Identity Exterminate past traditions and identity from the people of Canada. Never before in Canadian history are new cultures arriving that threatens Canadian way of life and long held heritage which had been passed down through generations. Islam is NOT Canadian. Islam was never Canadian. Canada cannot survive when its traditions and identity do not survive. Exterminating Children's Critical Thought Process The children of Canada are a prime target for the Hitler Democracy of Canada, the parasites realize they can destabilize future generations by destabilizing the children now. Government control over education programs, introducing homosexuality at an early age, children taught untruth, demoralizing, confusing education, having children think outside what should be normal child thinking. No longer an education system focused on teaching math, science, history.. but focused upon converting, demoralizing students and deconstructing the sexual identity of children. A calculated attack on the mental health of Canadian children. Homosexual Pride is NOT the Pride of Canada Rather a Continuous Reminder of Hitler's Nazi Totalitarian Government.
Liberal Prime Minster Justin Trudeau Dismantling Canadian Traditions and Culture
Trudeau Disgraced - Against Canada
Every day Canadians are being bombarded with fake news and Government propaganda removing Canadians ability to think clearly. Canadians no longer having ability to process information from one government made crisis leading into the immediate next crisis. Bombarded with more and more government propaganda every day, PEOPLE LOSE critical thinking. Truth means nothing. A Canadian Hitler Democracy Exterminating Free Will Thinking A demoralized Canadian is unable to process information correctly and fails to understand truth, truth means nothing, for a demoralized truth no longer matters. Judges, Ambassadors and Senators assist the democratic parasites in this subversion into a big brother totalitarian government. One traumatizing event after another is created by the Nazi Government of Canada, keeping people off balance, without focus, without critical thinking and living in fear. A mind demoralized and full of fear has no room for its own thoughts. Anything outside Canada's Democratic narrative quickly gets labeled as Terrorists, Racist, White Supremacist, Islamophobic, Disinformation, Extremism, Right Wing, Polarizing, Small Fringe Minority or as Dividing the Nation in order to silence all opposition to the Canadian Nazi Plan. The Government of Canada deflects all scrutiny and blames the morally strong, a population never able to challenge or ask questions.
President John F Kennedy JFK - The 1961 Secret Society Speech To The Press That Killed Him
President JFK - The 1961 Secret Society Speech To The Press That Killed Him
A New Style of War Against the People of Canada: A new style of war has emerged.. having the invasion of a country without firing a shot. Ground invasion is no longer necessary. A “DEEP STATE” Foreign international parasite society has discovered they can destabilize Canada by using its own Government to gain control of the Canadian population. A core international society has seized the minds of what I call The “Anti-Christ Assembly” which includes the Canadian’s government and all government officials in Canada and throughout the world. It is to destabilize democracy by taking away the country historic values and it’s traditions, basically leaving the country without an identity. They know a country like Canada will suffocate, becoming hollow, without traditions and identity. The foreign international parasitic society and the Canadian Government are waiting for the people of the world and Canada to self destruct pinning one Canadian against another.
John F Kennedy Peaceful Revolution
Adolf Hitler Quote: We are disarming our citizens in order to make our streets safer and policing more efficient. People become weaker, demoralized as the parasites get stronger every day, government intent is NOT to uplift the morally WEAK within Canadian society.. rather they seek to dismantle and weaken the morally strong and bring them into submission. Government appointed Judges, RCMP and Canadian Judicial Council are a part of the system intended to weaken society, together they help insure people with high moral value cannot speak due to fear of being, fined, jailed or being arrested. Government encourages Homosexuals, Islam, Sikh, and Hindu to adopt a ZERO tolerance toward long held Canadian values and traditions, they are setting the agenda. This same ZERO tolerance is now required by the morally strong in order to take Canada back. It took years of propaganda and laws before the mass extermination started in Nazi Germany.. The same building blocks of propaganda and hate towards people of Canada are being used today. After freedom is lost, there is a grave danger that A NAZI STYLE CULL of Livestock will be initiated that will have those who oppose big brother government eliminated from earth. Adolf Hitler Quote: Before God and the world, the stronger has the right to carry through what he wills.
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