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Heavily Armed RCMP and Military With Automatic Weapons Invoking Martial Law on Behalf of The Democracy of Canada Against UNARMED Peaceful Women, Men and Children Protesting For Freedom. Freedom Convoy 2022.
Democracy Code of Canada - To Restore Canada Into the Hands of the Ordinary People:

Dismantling of a Democratic Canadian Population with Minorities

The Destabilizing Canadian Minority

The Taking of Canadian Freedom Using The Destabilizing Canadian Minority
The Methods used by the Domestic and International Parasitic Rulers of Canadian land and International Deep State Shadow Government are simple to understand. Before the United Nations was created Canadian law applied equally to all Canadians. Law at this time is government finding solutions for problems they create using Minorities and many other reasons. The Rulers of Canada create the problem, they sell the problem to Canadians, they create law to solve the problem they created in the first place.
Removing Canadian Freedom Using Government Made Destabilizing Canadian Minority
An ongoing repetitive Government narrative to convince the Canadian people the need for more law as protection of minority. The Democracy of Canada no longer represents the wishes of the Canadian Population. Leaders revert to creating problems within the minds of Canadians, enabling Domestic and Foreign Parasitic Rulers to provide their own solutions to the problems. Laws constructed in a manner that will result in Canadian loss of freedom and the loss of Canadian identity and heritage that was once enjoyed by the people of Canada. Government of Canada Creating Problems, Enacting Laws, Finding Their Solution for Destabilizing Canada. The Domestic and Foreign Rulers of Canada first introduce the problem to society, claiming a need to create law protecting Minorities, which on the surface may seem reasonable. The Canadian population never quite understanding that they have given up freedom to the ruling class. Recent laws come disguised as justice and equality and are mostly very specific to a claim of protecting a minority whether homosexual or immigrants. There-in is the problem, as more laws are created there is less Canadian Freedom for the majority. Laws enacted, strikingly different than Canadians had for generations. Every part of Canadian life is being controlled. Never before were tactics used to obtain submission of the people. The Democratic World, as we know it, is falling apart. The Government of Canada are taking instructions from International Deep State Government and not the people of Canada. This is HIGH TREASON against the Canadian people by the elected and Government appointed leaders of Canada.
Liberal Prime Minster Justin Trudeau Dismantling Canadian Traditions and Culture
Trudeau Disgraced - Against Canada
The Need for Government Involvement. Through covert methods of law, the Democracy identifies methods of tracking people in efforts to gain increased control and surveillance of a once free and democratic population . The Democracy of Canada and most of the world Democracy are connected by the United Nations and NATO who promote problems to societies whether locally or internationally.. whether REAL or Imagined. As the “rulers of the land” they are believed that the problem exists, when in fact it does not. A problem that may effect a very small minority is sold as a major problem to the population. The Rulers solve any problem by enacting law promoting and protecting minority of the very few at the expense of the majority. Canadian Leaders Promised No Hitler Style Government Again - The Leaders Lied. Like NAZI Hitler, this is not a mistake by the Rulers as ordinary Canadians see the world falling apart. This is a very calculated and clearly thought out assault against democracy by the Nazi style world leaders. Democratic Tricks and Control of Canadian thinking. The Domestic and International Parasitic Rulers Have Plans for The People. The Same Parasitic Rulers are seeking to re-establish as Government after any Revolution. Parasitic Rulers of the world plan on people fighting among themselves giving rise to martial law by government. P
Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre Dismantling Canadian Traditions and Culture
Poilievre Treason Against Canada
opulation control more devastating then ever before. There are to be classes of people created by the Rulers, the rulers and the obedient followers.
The Democratic Construction of World Problems Government Made laws for Government made problems.
check-mark RCMP to scan Vehicle license plates as you drive, providing the the ability knowing where you are at any time. The democracy claims this is an effort to find and remove the minority of drivers who may have stolen a vehicle or are driving without insurance. This method of thinking permits the democracy to track every Canadian who operates a motor vehicle and their location exactly. The Rulers of The Land know exactly where you are at all time. check-mark The Democracy of Canada have implemented a need to scan personal identification before entering certain Government operated buildings. One example is a need to track minorities who are self excluded from Gambling Casinos. A Minority of self excluded people becomes the reason for the Government Made claim a need to scan everyone in order to identify only a few. This in effect tracks Canadian movements for a Government made problem sold as a need.
Transitioning Into a Totalitarian Canadian Government
Transition Into Totalitarian Canadian Government
check-mark The Democracy of Canada has constructed a need to protect a very small minority of male perverts who are getting fully frontal naked with 11 year old girls. In an effort to protect gender expression, the democratic parasites have created laws helping a very small minority of perverts to get fully frontal naked within young girls change rooms. 11 year old girls clearly see old men showing their penis to underage girls. Canadian laws never permitted a old senior male showing their penis to 11 year old girls before. No respect towards the 11 year old girls.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Dismantling Canadian Traditions and Culture
Trudeau Treason Against Canada
No respect towards families who do not accept an old male exposing his penis to children. Government claims it is protecting a MINORITY and gender expression.
check-mark Creating one problem after another

Domestic and International Rulers

promote and sell these Government created problems to society with propaganda and repetitive media. Government providing a solution for problems they have created. Never consulting with the people.
Whether through immigration, woman's equality, workplace equality, Islam, Hindi, Sikh, homosexuality, these methods are used


the majority of the population of

Western Democracy

. All a smoke and mirrors perception of what for a need to protect minority, this ensures laws are created by democracies for the tracking of all people. Ensuring compliance by both the majority and minority, everyone in Canada becomes tracked. The entire program consists of introducing problems by the Government and providing their solutions to these problems they created. Destabilizing Canada and the world democracy. A parasitic very well oiled machine that is expanding throughout the world.
Canadian LAW Against the Majority
check-mark Very intelligent Lawyers and Government Appointed officials write and enact these laws through a chain of command. These people have very little respect for the freedom of Canadians yet have a high degree of intelligence and education. Canadians seem to be following everything told to them by Domestic and International Rulers of Land. check-mark Government Sponsored Minority has a destabilizing effect on the Majority of Canadians. check-mark Never before in the history of Canada have the Rulers of the Land introduced a massive growing number of NOT BORN IN CANADA immigrants representing Canada with a very different culture and perspective. It is not Canadian to have other countries represent Canada in Parliament. NOT BORN IN CANADA Immigrants are changing parliament, canadian society, heritage, culture and the people of Canada. Failing to integrate into Canada. check-mark The Domestic Rulers have destabilized Canadians through very different competing immigrant cultures that hold very different perspectives. Cultures with a destructive nature toward Canadian historic identity and traditions. Government wants Canadians to fight among themselves for something not caused by the people. Never before in the history of this Canada have Islamic, Hindu and Sikh cultures been so purposely brought into Canada having foreign cultures quickly established in Canada. Cultural symbolism from Islam, Hindu and Sikh have taken hold against the wishes of the majority of Canadians. It is not racist to want to restore Canada to a time before the Parasite Rulers. Canada cannot survive if our traditions and identity do not survive. check-mark Domestic and International parasites have identified the need to exterminate the Christian Heritage from Canada. The Democratic Parasites of Canada are promoting Minority Islamic and Sikh events and funding parades and events for Sikh, Islam and Hinduism. Canadian Government funds and promotes Gay Pride, without government promotion and funding Pride would be nothing. Government sponsorship has the effect of removing the established culture and traditions of Canada that had been working well for the people. There is grave danger the demands by immigrants will seek to remove the Canadian Traditions of Christmas and other Canadian Christian events as racist. It is not racist to for a country to continue with it's identity, heritage and culture. check-mark Plenty newly created acknowledgment including “Black History Month” and “Pride Month”, never in the history of Canada. It pins Black against White and Homosexuals against the rest of society. The propaganda coming from the Rulers include Police, Ambassadors, Politicians, Judges, Appointed Government officials, being filtered down to employees by senior management. Employees acknowledge these promotions or risk loosing employment, a top down approach forcing people. People assisting Domestic and International Rulers in the demoralization of the people. A demoralized population has no ability to process truth. Never in the History of Canada has Hitler Style propaganda been used to take control of peoples thinking. This is not to enhance society but to destroy it.
The 2030 Democratic Agenda UnMasked - For Those Preparing For What's Coming NEXT!
check-mark A Ruling Minority Established in Canada check-mark The Government Media narrative are quick to point to anything that negatively effects Islam of Sikh in Canada yet fail to inform the Canadian people of all the bloodshed and terrorism around the world at the hands of Islam. Christians are being murdered daily by Islam yet the Canadian media fails to report these racist Islamic events to the people of Canada choosing to replay events that appear as Islamic Hate in Canada. check-mark Canadian people are not leaving Canada and moving into Islamic Countries yet the opposite is true if you take a look around you. It is understandable that Canadians may have immigrant friends or marriages. Canadians can move forward with keeping friendships while at the same time bringing Canadian culture, heritage and identity back to 1945 levels through future immigration. check-mark The Rulers of Canada firstly create a problem, they sell the Canadian people on the problem and then provide the solution to the problem they created. All laws created for the protection of Minority must be removed and restored to what it once was.. Laws that had been in place in 1945 brought back. Education restored to what it was.. no more trans sex education in schools with Canadian children learning again.
Ordinary Canadians have not caused any of this, but need to bring it back.
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