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Democracy Code of Canada
Democracy Code of Canada - To Restore Canada Into the Hands of the Ordinary People:

Democracy Code - Direct Democracy Explained

As citizens of a once great country, we must bring this country back into the hands of the ordinary population. Government parasites must be defeated and brought back into line with the people. Only Canadian Government distractions remain.. keeping people’s minds unfocused and without critical thinking. The minds of government have already been taken over Internationally and are about to have our freedoms and liberty striped from us with a "Great World Reset". Elections do little to solve the problem for Canadians since changing Government does little to change all the appointed government cronies at home and world wide.

✅ Canadians must remove the current Political Party Based democratic system and establish a population based democracy. No more Conservative, Liberal or N.D.P. Party based system. Canadians must have a direct peoples democracy. Each riding would run independent candidates for a period of 4-6 years until new elections are held. Each independent would have a set spending limit on campaigns and a full disclosure of contributions that had been made toward their election campaign.

✅ From the elected independents, Parliament would select members to administer the Canadian peoples decisions. These positions can include International Representation, Home Security and Military, Social Services, Government Operations, Health Care, Provincial Relations, Employment and Industry, Integration of Foreigners and Canadian Heritage. The Speaker of the House of Commons would also be elected from members. The governmental administrators would hold position or rotate into a new Government Position unless they are removed by recall legislation or if they wish to vacate the position.

✅ Past politicians and those running for a seat in the House of Commons are legally able to endorse only one candidate.

✅ Canadian Parliament was always intended to be a voice of the Common Canadian, this is why we call it the Canadian House of Commons.

✅ Canadians need recall legislation.

✅ Canadians must not include any current or past politicians or past government officials in drafting the new Canadian Direct Democracy Framework. They are not needed for their corrupt advice.

✅ Canadians need super majority 65% votes to enact law in parliament.

✅ Canadians must abolish the fat cat Senate.

✅ Canadians must have proposition voting on election ballots for questions that would change our social security, traditions or Canadian society. Basically having the question presented on Election Day for all Canadian’s to decide and not politics or the corrupt courts to decide. Binding upon the next government.

✅ Canadians must purge the laws that changed society, heritage and long held Canadian traditions back to 1977 levels. All future changes to society must be with the consent of the Canadian population. It is suggested 7 year cooling off period before introducing any similar laws into Parliament.

✅ Canadians must have a system that is able to withdraw laws already enacted by government or the Canadian courts. 10% of the voting population within 7 provinces would be successful in placing a proposition onto the next election ballot for the Canadian people to decide. Binding upon the next Government and courts to remove law.

✅ Canadians must have government stop profiling ordinary Canadians born in this country. Canadians shall live free from government scrutiny as it was in 1977. Profiling must be focused on those who are not born in Canada, ensuring they came into this country legitimately and pose no security risk to our society and heritage.

✅ Canadians must have a snapshot of the religious and cultural identity of Canada in 1977, the intention would be to have a similar identity of Canada reestablished.. It is not racist against anyone to reinstate Canadian identity to a time before our tyrannical government.

✅Canadians must purge every international ambassador. Hire new international ambassadors every 2 years who have never been involved in Government and are not politically connected.

✅ Canadians must elected judges. Life long elected judicial placements. Judges must be required to publicly explain their judgments. Equally in law is best explained. Any Canadian shall be able to bring a case in front of the Canadian Federal Court asking it look into matters of conduct of any federally appointed judge. having openness and transparency within the courts.

✅ Canadians must roll back homosexual laws that permit marriage and adoption. The people of Canada will make it illegal for government, ambassadors, senators, judges and schools to promote homosexuality through media or at public schools while still ensuring consenting persons have the right to choose what is done in the privacy of their own homes between consenting adults. If important to Canadians, these laws may be reinstated by the people after a 7 year cooling off period. People shall decide at that time what is best for our country.

✅ Integrating new Canadians into Canada's culture would be a priority for Government. Canadians will remove all Islamic religious symbols, including turbans from Parliament, RCMP and Federally funded institutions. Islam is not Canadian. Islam was never Canadian.

The purpose of the CURRENT Canadian Government is to destabilize this country so the ordinary Canadian will lose their freedom and liberty. It is called the “Great Reset” the “New World Order”. Canadians will be living on handouts, as slaves in poverty under control of an international elite society.. change must be made today.

Democracy Code of Canada
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