The following video is a Bright Light News - 15-Minute City Living Explained By Randy Hillier, Former MPP. Produced By Gord Parks

15-minute cities are being promoted lockstep around the world, as convenient, community-oriented living. In this spoof simulation of a 15-minute city, Canadian Randy Hillier MPP explains how they’ll look in Canada.

It seems that it will take more than warning the people of Canada regarding the Dangers posed by the Democracy of Canada against your freedom. Most people seemingly disregard what is currently happening around them and the world in favor of a Government and fake media narrative. People must stop relying SOLY on the ongoing narrative from main stream media and start critical thinking once again. A de-moralized society has no room for it's own thoughts. Your thoughts are being told to you repetitively by Government, Media and all those appointed by the Government of Canada. It is sad that most of Canada's demoralized society has stopped thinking for themselves.. the truth no longer means anything to the ordinary Canadian. Sadly it is only after a Canadian Military BOOT kicks Canadian's in the ass... only then will Canadians understand what living without freedom means. This is the tragic of the situation.

With the upcoming digital world surveillance of the people including digital currency and digital health care, a population CULL will be initiated at some point, after the international systems are established and people are weakened further. Top world leaders will permanently remove those livestock from society that are no longer needed or are using resources of the wealthy.. a great danger that the retired and unemployed will be eliminated from society as they will be viewed as no longer needed.

My father raised chickens on the farm when I was a youngster.. although a vegetarian.. chickens not producing eggs were sold for $1.00 each. Don't know what happened to them. World Economic Foundation, which the Government of Canada has embraced verbally said that they have began seeing people as animals. People are being viewed as livestock by the Government of Canada.
It is called:

Canadian community oriented living structure, Randy Hillier MPP explains. BrightLight News ( A Government of Canada proposed future for FREEDOM )

Democracy Code of Canada
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