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Heavily Armed RCMP and Military With Automatic Weapons Invoking Martial Law on Behalf of The Democracy of Canada Against UNARMED Peaceful Women, Men and Children Protesting For Freedom. Freedom Convoy 2022.
Democracy Code of Canada - To Restore Canada Into the Hands of the Ordinary People:

Democracy Code - Alleged Homosexual Rights

Homosexuality - A Mental Illness In Control Of Canadian Politics and Media.
Admittedly there are those who are Homosexual within Canadian society and other democracy. Yes it is their choice. Canadians should be tolerant towards these people as long as they keep it in their pants, away from the public. It matters none to most Canadians what two consenting adults do in the privacy of their own homes behind closed doors. Anyone can become mentally ill without notice. Relationships that are between two consenting adults in the privacy of their own home can remain unnoticed by many Canadians. But all the rest of the homosexual bullshit with government promotion and children trans education in Schools needs to get flushed down the toilet. Homosexuality is a Mental Illness That Requires Treatment Not Celebration.
Transition into a Totalitarian Canadian Government
Imagine three planets. Each planet is exactly the same. The first planet has only men homosexuals. The second planet has strictly women homosexuals. And the third planet has men and women. Which planet would survive after one generation? It is natural that the planet with both men and woman would survive for more than one generation. The other planets with no life. The Canadian Rulers of The Land want to destabilize Canada and completely change Canadian society and long held Canadian traditions for only a few with special needs. The problem Canadians are faced with is Destabilizing Minorities are getting special treatment in Law by the Rulers of Canada. Ordinary Canadians have little say since the Canadian Democracy places those in power with the ultimate authority. It is not the people of Canada that have permitted these changes to Canadian historic values and traditions. The Rulers of The Land decide. Should children be taught and brainwashed to become homosexual within our schools? Simple question? Canadian Society and Canadian traditions simply cannot change in favor of the very few people who are a very vocal minority being encouraged and supported by the Rulers of Canada and Canadian Media. No matter what the narrative, it is not a majority of Canadians accepting this. With a top down approach by Government and fake Media.. homosexuality is a key method for the secret society of “DEEP STATE” domestic and international parasites to destabilize western democratic countries around the world. It seeks to destroy Christian and family traditions, the long held tradition of marriage and the traditions of raising children world wide. Totally destroying peaceful family life.
The 2030 Democratic Agenda UnMasked - For Those Preparing For What's Coming NEXT!
The secret international and domestic society of parasites which form a part of the “Canadian Rulers including the Appointed Anti-Christ Assembly” are promoting the notion of a newly born child is gender neutral until they decide which gender they want to identify with. Only until recently are children no longer boys or girls.. done to destabilize peoples thinking and add distress to family relationships. How retarded is this, you are not a boy although you have a penis. People have began believing this utter garbage brought down from the top of society. Canada is under attack by the ones you trust. A different style of war, one without invading armies and shots fired.. it is an attack on the minds of the population that started by an International Secret Society of Parasites which has gained ground in every western democracy on the planet. An attack that will soon remove Canadian freedoms and liberty once enjoyed by the population. Deconstructing the Gender Identity of Children within the Classroom. Gender neutrality goes against all natural humanity and encourages children who would never think otherwise. If government keeps teaching a boy that he is a girl and encourages him to dress like a girl, the end result will be a boy thinking he is a girl. In order to stop the moral decay of Canadian Society, people need the control of government restored. Schools must become gender specific once again. Law abiding Canadians oppose Transgender education taught within our schools, government sanctioned transgender teaching within our schools that leads to moral decay of our children's young minds needs to stop today.. Marriage Is Between a Man and Woman… NOT What The Rulers of the Land, Fringe Extremist Groups and Corrupt Media Narrative Have You Thinking.
Medically Debunked.. Gender Affirming Surgery Is Dangerous. Rebel News
Medically Debunked.. Gender Affirming Surgery Is Dangerous
From the beginning of time a man was always considered to be a man and a woman was a woman. Government and fake media are working desperately to change Canadians thinking right before your eyes. It has not been until recently that people have been dubbed gender neutral and old men can get naked in front of 11 year old girls within made for girls change rooms. Yes showing their penis freely to underage children. The Rulers of Canada say an old man getting naked is a form of gender expression. Disinformation by media and the Rulers of The Land, promoting dysfunctional behavior in people and children. Canadian society seems to be following these corrupt laws handed down by corrupt people including the United Nations promoting this World Wide. A Boy is Born a Boy and a Girl is Born a Girl.. Outside What the Rulers of the Land and Corrupt Media Narrative Tells You. A woman being with a man is the most natural thing. A man being with another man is the most unnatural occurrence. This illness can be left untreated between two consenting adults within the privacy of their own homes. Homosexual laws regarding marriage and adoption are against natural societies, these laws have been enacted without the majority consent of the population. A method to destabilize Canada, leading to a divided country and loss of freedom. Loss of freedom is the goal of the rulers. Government Homosexual promotion is not intended to provide more rights to homosexuals.. it is the stripping of Canadian freedom. The Rulers create the problem and offer a solution to the problem they made.
DRAG QUEEN EVENTS - Cabaret Baby Raves Exposing Children and Toddlers. Rebel News
Cabaret Baby Raves” - Exposing Children and Toddlers To The "UNDERBELLY" of Drag Queens. Rebel News
Counseling For Children by Parent Request Without Homosexual Involvement. Some possible Questions to be asked.
  1. How did a person become homosexual?
  2. Was it a need to be different?
  3. Was it due to the upbringing of a child?
  4. Was it due to a lack of interaction with the opposite sex?
  5. Was this a result of the promotion of government, media and schools?
New government daycare subsidy and school curriculum must be scrutinized to insure Homosexuality is not taught to our underage children. Absolutely no discussion on the subject or homosexual symbolism used to remotely suggest or can be viewed as being Homosexual teachings.
  1. Is the current government subsided daycare a method to introduce homosexuality to the children at an early age?
  2. Are Homosexuals hired to teach children in daycare? Do parents have a choice?
  3. Is enrolment into subsidized daycare program subject to government curriculum? What is the Curriculum?
  4. Is homosexual or transgender behavior taught? The promotion of this unnatural lifestyle to children needs to stop.
Deconstructing the Sexual Identity of Children Within Canadian Schools - Boys Encouraged to Become Feminine and Girls Taught Masculine.
It Is NOT A Natural Human Right For Homosexuals To Adopt Children. A human right has always been seen as stemming from a natural occurrence. The Rulers of Canada have perverted what is natural with the claim of human rights for two men to adopt children. A human right has always been something that naturally occurs within society. Two homosexual men cannot produce a baby. Two homosexual women cannot produce a baby. It is all about control by the Rulers. Breaking the population into small groups. Creating the problem and providing the solution. No one in Canada will have freedom as the Rulers will see an need for a clamp on the population. Is it a human right when babies cannot consent this? Does a new born baby have the ability to consent to an unnatural adoption? Can two homosexual men have mentally perverted thinking? Is it natural for men to give birth? So why is it natural to give two men children or have them pay for a female to carry the baby? A natural human right belongs with the baby who is a natural offspring from a man and woman. A man and woman creating a baby is a natural occurrence that gives rise to a child having the natural human right of having a mother and father... NOT PROMOTION OF HOMOSEXUAL ENTITLEMENT. Human rights are a natural flowing occurrence not to be something created by the Rulers of The Land and media narratives. It goes against everything natural. Homosexuals Cannot Create Babies. Societies Must Withdraw 100% of Government Homosexual Funding including Pride. Let's get out of funding special interest homosexual groups and begin promoting healthy Canadian families. The real problem lies with the Rulers of Canadian Land. They want ordinary people divided and fighting among themselves. The Rulers will take control of your freedom using the problems they have created within society.
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