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Democracy Code of Canada
Democracy Code of Canada - To Restore Canada Into the Hands of the Ordinary People:

Democracy Code - Home Page

The dangers for government tyranny.
The Government of Canada at war with Canada’s ordinary people.
Crazy thought when you first read this, but it is true.. war is already here in Canada, as it is within other HITLER style fake democracy throughout the world. Not an army invasion style of war.
A New Style of War Against the People of Canada:
Peaceful Revolution A new style of war has emerged.. having the invasion of a country without firing a shot. Ground invasion is no longer necessary. A Foreign international parasite society has discovered they can destabilize Canada by using its own Government to gain control of the Canadian population. A core international society has seized the minds of what I call “The Anti-Christ Assembly” which includes the Canadian’s government and all government officials in Canada and throughout the world. It is to destabilize democracy by taking away the country historic values and it’s traditions, basically leaving the country without an identity. They know a country like Canada will suffocate, becoming hollow, without traditions and identity. The foreign international parasitic society and the Canadian Government are waiting for the people of the world and Canada to self destruct pinning one Canadian against another.

One major defining moment in world history needs to take place, disease, world hunger, environmental, economic, civil unrest.. some occurrence for the United Nations, the Foreign society and Canada Government to spring into action.. an event that will repeated on fake news broadcasts in order to gain world population support. A one government.. Hitler style “New World Order - A Great World Reset” is about to happen and within reach for the international society. Any freedom you will have will be decided based upon the international society needs. At the beginning the military will take instructions from the leaders of the Canadian Anti-Christ assembly. Future military and police will take instructions based upon law created internationally without the consent of the general Canadian population. The clamp on freedoms is happening now.
The domestic and international parasite society are solidly the farmers and ordinary Canadians the sheep. Everything government does at this point is only a distraction and all a hoax. It no longer matters who you elect to run Canada at this time, the Government "Anti-Christ Assembly" has placed it's cronies into all high raking positions throughout Canada and the world internationally, representing Canadians down the dark golden path.
Loss of Liberty:
This website is intended to explain how your freedom has already been lost and your liberty will be lost shortly. Loss of Liberty is a bit different than the loss of freedom. Loss of liberty means curfew and loss of movement and possible instructions for being at a certain place at a certain time or maybe some people allowed to do things while others are not permitted.
Canada has already been invaded by a secret international group of parasites, a foreign threat that poses great danger to our way of life. Everyone knows that loss of liberty is something that happens when an invading army captures a country. The army immediately imposes strict movement on the citizens. Basically imposing the army rule on the citizens of that country. It is happening now in Canada and we need to act today.
A Canadian Hitler Democracy:

Our Canadian system of democracy and most world democracy are based on the same democratic system that Hitler used to take liberty away from so many. Democracy is not just elections .. in Canada, government is a assembly of government appointments and laws that do not require the consent of the population. Elections have little to do with this as elections fail to change the "Anti-Christ Assembly". The system is what I will talk about today.

In Canada the government has supreme control over its citizens, this makes it easy for a core foreign international parasite society to become a part of the strategic influence and government planning in Canadian law, immigration and homosexuality. These people have discovered that it is not necessary to use military to conquer a nation, like Hitler did, but use Canada’a very own government to destabilize its citizens leading to full control of the people.

In Canada, government hand picks it’s cronies for all parts of authority. This has grave danger to all ordinary citizens of Canada since changing governments does not change the “Ant-Christ Assembly”. We have senators, judges, international ambassadors and more selected by government based upon dominance of the elite and acceptance of foreign influence. The government has appointed everyone in power today.. scarred yet? Electing a new government fails to remove the Anti-Christ assembly. The system is solidly against anyone who wants to change things for the better. Laws that take freedom are never changed with future governments, with more law added by the next government. Everything government does now is a distraction intended to keep Canadian minds occupied elsewhere.
An Entire Canadian Generation Without Purpose:
The generation born after 1945 has let down all future generations and all future Canadian families, the future children and grandchildren of this country. All the adult Canadians remain silent as this country falls apart.
Democracies are Combining - New World Order Within Reach of Government:
All World Democracies are combining at this time. Canada needs to distance itself from the corrupt policies of the United Nations and all foreign influence, let's start being a country again and not simply electing politicians to rub elbows with foreign interest who are changing Canada. Let's bring democracy back into the hands of the ordinary Canadian where it belongs.
There is talk about a New World Order, also called "The Great Reset", that is alleged to bring justice and law to every human on this planet. It will govern all the ordinary people of the world. What bullshit.. as if Canadians cannot decide how to govern themselves. This is all about every ordinary person on this planet becoming an item that will be owned and controlled by only a few elite.
Taxation, immigration, homosexuality are influenced internationally for a purpose to divide the Canadian population. Government is immigrating another culture into Canada without the consent of the population. Government open border immigration of Homosexual activists and activist media into this country are changing society and Canadians vision of what this country should be. No law to govern the domestic and foreign international parasite secret society currently taking control of the Canadian population and influencing destructive laws for Canada.
Government Tyranny Against The Lawful Ordinary People of Canada

The Government of Canada and it's use of excessive force, R.C.M.P. police and the Canadian military is a wake up call for the citizens of Canada as they dismantle Peaceful Protests using the Canadian War Measures Act. A test of the Canadian Nazi systems and laws in order to completely strip freedoms and liberty from all Canadian Citizens. The people of Canada must rise up against Government of Canada, it is no longer a democracy of the people. We must hold the line and demand that our current Representative Government be replaced with a Direct Democracy, a democracy run by the Canadian people and not politicians who are feeding off the good will of ordinary Canadians.

All Canadians need to be concerned regarding the Gestapo R.C.M.P. and the Canadian Nazi Third Reich response to a peaceful Truckers Freedom Convoy 2022. The Canadian R.C.M.P. and Military are clearly taking instructions from the Canadian Nazi Third Reich command center and no longer are accepting instructions from the people of Canada. The Government of Canada will pin the Gestapo R.C.M.P. and Nazi Third Reich Military against the people while the leaders go into hiding.

Overthrowing a Representative Democracy Favoring a Direct Peoples Democracy

The Canadian representative system of democracy has failed the people of Canada and most other democracy around the world. Ordinary Canadians have been without a voice for a very long time. Government continues to allege they have the mandate of the people when government is outside the control of the ordinary Canadian. Only Government detractions and the destabilizing our country remain. No longer does it make any common sense on trying to save any part of the current government system. No longer can Canadians depend on electing a new Government of Canada or a new Prime Minister of Canada when all the prior baggage assembled over the years remains solidly in place. No longer is it as simple as replacing one Prime Minister with another Prime Minister or one Political Party with another Political Party when the same tyrannical democratic system remains. The time is now.

The solution is to completely scrap Canada's Political Party System and run independents within each riding. Scrap the Representative Democracy and all it's cronies replacing it with independent candidates representing Canadians in Parliament. No longer have a political party system rather than independent representatives throughout Canada in Parliament.

It is probable that the Government of Canada will use all means necessary including the Canadian fake media to claim a peoples insurrection against what they will describe as a democracy. Changing the Canadian democracy is not an insurrection against democracy rather an insurrection on the method of democracy. The peoples voice must be heard.

Main Stream Media will again lie to Canadians based upon their ongoing and government narrative.

Democracy Code of Canada Is Not Part Of The New World Reset...
The "New World Order" comes disguised as world trade agreements that the Canadian Government signs and other methods involving many countries, like a World Terror Agreement. It is possible that a "World Terror Agreement" is the first step in creating world law for ordinary people. Smaller agreements are being signed by the Government of Canada with several countries for plenty other reasons.. but the end result that is achieved by the "Canadian Anti-Christ Assembly" is the loss of liberty and no ability to choose. Who knows in passing years an international government may tell people where to be and what to do. The Government of Canada is not to be trusted at this time.

Hitler Nazi Lie
With every World Trade Agreement there probably will be huge promises from other Governments and Foreign Billionaires wanting to invest and make employment here in Canada. The Canadian Media will promote "The Great World Reset" as a very positive event and maybe it will be good for the first few years as the "New World Order" gets firmly established in Canada.

Ordinary people will, at some point, no longer accept International laws forced upon the people without the consent of its citizens. Instead of the Canadian Government changing to reflect the peoples wishes, Government seeks to impose military rule and a population clamp on freedoms in an effort for the foreign elite to continue in power. There is no easy answers for removing the Domestic and International Parasites who are in control of our democracy, our government has embraced them.
Any agreements signed by the Government of Canada are dangerous at this point and need to be avoided. The Government of Canada cannot be trusted.
Nothing takes away the fact the Canadian Government is, and continues to destabilize Canada without any regard to the population. Enacting international agreements and laws without the consent of the population. Of course the Government of Canada will be looking to have Canadians freely accept becoming a part of the "New World Order" "Great World Reset", however it materializes. Government and the fake media intends on making it appear sweet for Canadians.
Freedoms and Liberty are Not Given They are Gained:
The freedom to own firearms is being taken away for reasons other that the fake media and government wants you to believe. Hitler said “we will disarm in order to make our streets safer and policing more efficient“ Hitler also said that “to conquer a country you must first disarm its citizens“. Our government and fake media are saying the same things as Hitler did. There are other ways to have safe streets in Canada without taking away the freedom and liberty to own firearms. The government and fake media allegations that certain firearms are not required for hunting is a government hoax and goes toward what government and powerful international elite society have planned for Canada. The taking of your freedoms and liberty with the "New World Order".
Government without the Consent of the People:
Canada’s government Anti-Christ parasites are working without the consent of the Canadian population and must be overthrown in favor of a true democracy. No one in the current government, whether elected or appointed, should have any roll or opinion in reestablishing democracy, these people are not to be trusted with anything including opinions. Canada has exactly the same democracy that Hitler’s German Nazi government used.
The stripping of Canadian Traditions
It is all a Government of Canada hoax regarding immigration and homosexuality and gun safety.
Government of Canada and fake media claims of racism is to destabilize Canada. Government of Canada is against Canadians and intends on continuing to destabilize Canadian culture, identity and traditions with immigration that the population disagrees with. It is the government who created every problem faced by Canadian's.
Canadian government and its innermost connections are hopeful that Canadian citizens will submit to Government. Remember what was said earlier, this war is different without an invading army or bullet ever being fired. Peaceful people will be scared into submission, ordinary people will be labeled rioters, racist, white supremacist, neo-nazi, far right extremist. Scared to leave their homes. Peaceful demonstrations will become a thing of the past. These are all tactics in order to divert attention from a failed Government of Canada and place attention onto the ordinary.
Homosexuality and Immigrants will continue to have zero tolerance against Canadian values. No country nor republic can survive if their traditions do not survive with them. Our country is doomed to fail at the hands of the Government of Canada.

Social Engineering, Human Science and Government Control:
Finally.. The Canadian Government are experts at social engineering the minds of people, this is when repetitive steps are taken by government and fake media to have a preferred response from the population and with time the acceptance of what government does. Canadians realize much of what is being promoted daily goes against what many Canadians believe to be true, Government is looking to change society without the consent of the population.
Among other things.. the Canadian government promotion of fear, terrorism, homosexuality, disarmament, introducing foreign cultures and immigration are lies brought forward to take away Canadian traditions, identity and slowly remove peoples liberty. It’s all a Hoax, government without tolerance for the Canadian people.
Canadians are at war with our own parasitic government without any shots being fired and Government of Canada is winning. An international method of war that the Government of Canada has adopted, deeply within the culture of the Canadian Government which pins past Canadian culture and identity into very different international standards. Our country cannot survive if our past traditions and identity do not survive. The “Great World Reset” “New World Order” is about to happen within this generation. People will become slaves to Government and the International Parasitic Elite.. we no longer will be Canadian with our traditions our Canadian identity collapsed by the very few International players who want power over everything including people.
Good luck.

Democracy Code of Canada
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About Government of Canada - Parliament of Canada
The Parliament of Canada is the federal legislature. It comprises the Canadian House of Commons, and the Senate of Canada.
The Parliament of Canada session lasts until a prorogation of the Government of Canada when the House of Commons and Senate of Canada cease all legislative business until the governor general issues another royal proclamation calling for a new session to begin. A session begins with a speech from the throne, whereby the Canadian governor general delivers the governing party's prepared speech of their intentions for the session. Since a Government of Canada general election will follow, the timing of a calling an election is usually politically motivated with the prime minister giving out plenty of money to the common Canadian, usually you will notice a change of tone since the Government of Canada does not want to label Canadians as Home Grown Terrorist, Neo-Nazi, Racist, Anti-Immigration and Homosexual with the prime minister selecting a moment most advantageous to his or her political party that forms the new Government of Canada. While the Canada mandates that the Parliament of Canada stand for election a minimum of every four-years, no session has ever been allowed to expire.
The Government of Canada is a constitutional monarchy, wherein the role is both legal and practical, but not political. The Government of Canada is regarded as a corporation sole, vested with all powers of state, at the centre of a construct in which the power of the whole is shared by multiple institutions of Government of Canada acting under the sovereign's authority.
Government of Canada and Constitutional Framework
The Government of Canada is independent established in 1867 by the British North America Act. The act created a self-governing British dominion and united the colonies of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Canada into the provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, and Ontario. Rupert’s Land and the Northwest Territories were acquired from the Hudson’s Bay Company in 1869, and from them Manitoba was created and admitted to the Canadian confederation as a province in 1870. The colonies of British Columbia and Prince Edward Island were admitted as provinces in 1871 and 1873. In 1905 Saskatchewan and Alberta were created from what remained of the Northwest Territories and admitted to the confederation as provinces. In 1912 the provinces of Quebec and Ontario were enlarged by adding areas from the Northwest Territories. In 1949 Newfoundland and its mainland dependency, Labrador, joined the confederation following a popular referendum. The Yukon Territory was separated from the Northwest Territories in 1898, and Nunavut was created from the eastern part of the territories in 1999. Thus, Canada now consists of 10 provinces and 3 territories, which vary greatly in size.
In 1982, the British Parliament passed the Canada Act, which formally made Canada responsible for all changes to its own constitution. The Canada Act is not an exhaustive statement of the laws and rules by which Canada is governed. Broadly speaking, the Canadian constitution includes other statutes of the United Kingdom. Many of the rules and procedures of Parliament of Canada are not laid down in the Constitution Act but are established by convention and precedent.
The constitution stipulates that either English or French may be used in all institutions of the Parliament of Canada and Government of Canada and in all institutions of the National Assembly of Quebec. The 1982 constitution was amended to include a Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which provides protections for civil liberties and to provide homosexuals a sense of entitlement for marriage and adoption. Further amendments to the constitution require the support of the Government of Canada, House of Commons and Senate and seven provinces that together represent half of the population. Thus, the Official Languages Act of 1969 declares that the English and French languages “enjoy equality of status and equal rights and privileges as to their use in all the institutions of the Parliament of Canada and Government of Canada.”
Federal legislative authority is vested in the Parliament of Canada, Government of Canada, the House of Commons, and the Senate. Both the House of Commons, which has 338 directly elected members, and the Senate, which normally consists of 105 appointed members, must pass all legislative bills before they can receive royal assent and become law. Neither the Canadian Senate nor Government of Canada need approval from the population for law to be passed. Both bodies may originate legislation, but only the Government of Canada and House of Commons may introduce bills for the expenditure of public funds or the imposition of any tax. The Government of Canada and Canadian House of Commons is more powerful than the Canadian Senate.
The governor-general formally summons, prorogues, and dissolves the Parliament of Canada, assents to bills. After a general election, the governor-general calls on the leader of the party winning the most seats in the House of Commons to become prime minister and to form a Government od Canada. The prime minister then chooses a cabinet, generally drawn from that same party and House of Commons. Almost all cabinet ministers head executive departments, and the cabinet, led by the prime minister, develops all policies and secures passage of legislation. Government of Canada now can work without the consent of the Canadian population.
The members of the cabinet are chosen generally to represent all regions of the country and its principal cultural, religious, and social interests the Government of Canada intends for the Canadian population. Most Canadian law are constructed and passed without the consent of the population and are geared towards the adopting international influence and supporting no tolerance islamic groups as well as the most privileged in Canada and around the world. Although they exercise executive power, cabinet members are collectively responsible to the House of Commons and remain in office only so long as they retain its confidence. The choice is the Prime Minister of Canada who shall govern Canada. Deciding which party receives the second largest number of seats in the House, designates which of the major parties becomes the official opposition. The function of the Canadian Official Opposition is to offer constructive criticism of the existing Government of Canada, which in effect does nothing for democracy.
The Canada Act authority between the federal government and the provinces. Among the main responsibilities of the national government are defense, trade and commerce, banking, credit, currency and bankruptcy, criminal law, citizenship, taxation, postal services, fisheries, transportation, and telecommunications. In addition, the federal government is endowed with a authority to make laws for the peace within the population. Another Government of Canada responsibility is to impose curfew on the population when the Government of Canada feels it is required.
Canadian Provincial Government
Each province is represented by a lieutenant governor appointed by the governor-general in council, usually for a term of five years. The provincial lieutenant governor exercises powers similar to those of the federal governor-general.
Each province holds elections for a single-chamber legislative assembly, from which a premier and cabinet are selected. The provinces have powers embracing mainly matters of local or private concern such as property and civil rights, education, civil law, provincial company charters, municipal government, hospitals, licenses, management and sale of public lands, and direct taxation within the province for provincial purposes. The sparsely populated regions of northern Canada Yukon, the Northwest Territories, and Nunavut are administered by the federal government, but they elect members to the House of Commons and enjoy local self-government.
A major part of Canada’s constitutional development has occurred gradually through judicial interpretation and constitutional convention and through executive and administrative coordination at the federal and provincial levels of government. The Judges made most of what Canada is today. This is why Canada has fallen from what it was in the past, Canadians have nothing more that perverts running our society. Through such devices, the national Government of Canada, Parliament of Canada and provincial legislatures have been able to retain their separate jurisdictions over different aspects of the same matters.
Health and Welfare
Canadians are proud of their Medicare system, which is nothing like it was in the 1970, with Government of Canada financial cuts it has left Canada sick people in hallways of hospitals to recover, many die although the system is publicly financed, services are delivered by the private sector, the Government of Canada has dismantled most healthcare unions workers work for minimum wages. The federal government determines national standards, but provincial governments are responsible for providing, financing, and managing most health-related services. Health care benefits account for about one-third of all provincial expenditures. As Canadians have been living longer, many hospitals were closed, and user fees were increased or introduced for some services (e.g., drug prescriptions) as part of cost-cutting measures.
The federal government has responsibilities for the administration of food and drug legislation, quarantine, immigration and the health and welfare of Canada’s population. There are a number of Canadian social security and Canadian social assistance programs. The Family Allowance Act has been a unique feature of the Canadian social security system since its inception in 1945. The Canada Pension Plan provides retirement, disability, and survivors’ benefits. The Old Age Security Act provides a monthly pension to all persons at least 65 years of age. As with medical care, provincial governments began cutting benefits in the 1990s. The unemployment insurance system is financed by premiums paid by employers and employees, along with federal Government of Canada contributions. It is all collapsing with Government of Canada support for the wealthy hoarding money and not willing to share.
Education of Canada
Education policies vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but each province has a department of education headed by a minister who is a member of the provincial cabinet. The Government of Canada has permitted foreign immigrant financing into immigrant private schools. Having immigrant children taught differently in private schools than Canadian schools. Government of Canada is not concerned with immigrants who fail to integrate into Canadian Society.
In its broadest sense, Canadian culture is a mixture, Canada’s large foreign-born population is evident in notably South Asian line Toronto’s Yonge Street, Vancouver’s Chinese population has given that city a traditional Chinese community. The federal Government of Canada now supports various ethnic and immigrant groups as a priority and has little regard for the homeless or hungry. The Government of Canada heckles any Canadian Racist, Neo-Nazi, Far Right Extremist if they oppose the Government of Canada destabilizing Canadian past Culture.
Most provincial governments provide financial assistance for immigrants and homosexuals within advisory positions, supporting zero tolerance groups in Canada.
Daily life and Social Customs
Government of Canada recent immigration policy that has permitted millions of people, mostly Islam Muslims and Chinese into Canada, Government of Canada alleges Canada to be diverse, there is no single national culture, no single core identity for Canadians to grasp a hold of, the melting-pot that has been translated in Canada as something of a stew. Although French and English share official-language status, immigrants are failing to integrate into Canadian daily life and continue to keep their ancestral homelands culture and language as they enroll themselves into private immigrant schools in order not to be integrated into Canada. Still, Canada all unites to celebrate Canada Day (July 1), which commemorates the formation of the country in 1867.
Canada’s indigenous peoples were long stigmatized by the Government of Canada. Drug and alcohol addiction was common on many reserves but more recently they have attempted to recapture their traditions before the Government supported Islam Immigrants take over with their religious beliefs. First Nations art such as stone and bone sculpture, basket making, and carving is particularly popular but is soon to be history thanks to the Government of Canada. It is the best arts and crafts exhibit unique characteristics that identify the region in which they were made will be lost soon.
The Executive Branch Of The Government Of Canada
The head of state is the monarch and is represented by the Governor General of Canada. The head of the government is the Canadian Prime Minister, The Government of Canada cabinet is made up of the federal ministers who are appointed by the Prime Minister ordinarily from members of his party in parliament. The monarchy is an inherited position and is responsible for the appointment of the governor-general. After the parliamentary elections, Governor-General selects the prime minister who is the leader of the majority party in the House of the Commons. The Legislative Branch Of The Government Of Canada
Government of Canada consists of the Senate and the House of Commons. The Senate members are appointed by the Prime Minister of Canada, and they are 105 members in total and may serve up to the age of 75 years. After retirement they get Thousands of dollars in monthly payments from the Government of Canada, far surpassing any private pension plan. The House of Commons on the other hand, is made up of 338 seats whose members are elected from the constituencies by a simple vote majority and can serve for a maximum of only four years and also get huge Government of Canada compensation after leaving office.
The Judiciary Of Canada
The Prime Minister of Canada appoints all Federal Judges and ensures Judicial Fraud goes unnoticed.
Supreme Court is the highest court in Canada and is made up of the Chief Justice of Canada and other eight judges. Before 1949, appeals beyond the Supreme Court could be heard by the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council in London and 1949 the country abolished any appeals that go beyond the Supreme Court. At the provincial level are the provincial superior courts, specialized courts, and courts of the first instance. Interesting fact is the Government of Canada allegations of an independent court permits for judicial fraud to go unnoticed by the ordinary Canadian.

Democracy Code of Canada
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