Canadian Democracy Code of Canada
Heavily Armed RCMP and Military With Automatic Weapons Invoking Martial Law on Behalf of The Democracy of Canada Against UNARMED Peaceful Women, Men and Children Protesting For Freedom. Freedom Convoy 2022.
Democracy Code of Canada - To Restore Canada Into the Hands of the Ordinary People:

Canadian “DEEP STATE” Domestic and International Rulers.

Canadian “DEEP STATE” Domestic and International Rulers.
The ambition for the new world order started a long time ago which intensified about the same time German “NAZI Hitler” came to power, these are the same people who are controlling

Canadian Democracy today. This group has grown and the secret society of

International and Domestic Rulers

view themselves as unstoppable. Until stopped.
Hitler Nazi Tell a Big Lie
From its inception in the 1914 this very

secret and wealthy international parasite group

formed with the ambition to control the

world population

by controlling the elected democracy. Plans grew from this notion of a parasitic influence over the worlds elected officials through which they hope to establish control of the world population.

Canadian DEEP STATE Domestic and International Rulers Plan control

of people from within Governments. It started slowly but gained root when the

United Nations

was formed in the 1940's. This provided a vehicle for the secret parasites to influence decisions made by sovereign countries on a grand scale. The parasites are represented everywhere in the world at this time. A machine that combines military, government, science, wealth and world political operations. The

Government of Canada

is taking instructions from this group and not the people of Canada.
Admittedly there are a number of world natural and economic disasters that can trigger the collapse of most democratic governments throughout the world. But the reverse may also be true as a natural disaster, pandemics, world hunger or war may significantly strengthen the parasitic International and Domestic government “strangle hold” on the world population. The intentions in this website are only to examine an elected parasitic democratic government made scenario. A man made scenario. A scenario that will surely happen failing natural disasters that destroy everything. This will Examine secret international and home grown political parasites. The

Canadian Domestic and International Rulers Plan Control

want a world population fighting among themselves or suffering through natural disasters whether the natural disasters are man made or real. This is Called Great World Reset 2030 by

Canadian Domestic and International Rulers

who want your freedom. This has nothing to do with human rights of minorities or saving people and everything to with destabilizing democracy leading to full control of only the few parasitic world leaders. They create the problems within society and provide solutions to the problems they create.
What started with a handful of international parasites, it has grown to include and influence democracy around the world. The Canadian


Domestic and International Rulers

Plan Control ambition is to

combine leaders of world democracy

who want to collectively gain control of the world and encode laws they deem necessary without the consent of the world population. They intend to promote this as Justice for all and for the protection of international human rights and freedoms. The exact opposite is about to occur,

Canadian freedom and liberty

is about to be taken if people do not take a stand. Canada will lose sovereignty and the Canadian people liberty will vanish almost overnight.


must remove our current


and replace it with one that is 100% population driven.
Every person on this planet is about to be told what to do and how it is expected to be done by only a few who want to control the world. Since it is within the hands of the secret society of international parasites and our local parasite Anti-Christ

Government of Canada

it becomes anyone's guess when the plug will be pulled on


. Estimates can range from now , next week, but definitely within the generation born after the year 2000. Who know's where Covid-19 will lead, but they are surely trying hard to establish one government rule over the ordinary people. I personally think Covid-19 injections, restrictions and passport mandates are a joke, all a hoax that seems to be backfiring on them. But who knows what is planned by these parasitic leaders or what can happen in the future.
Canadian Freedom Is About To Be Taken By The Ones You Trust. Parasite control over the world population has escalated in recent years with many

international world agreements

signed collectively by most world democracy. These agreements promote the destabilizing of the world identity by stripping countries from long held traditions and identity. They propose international solutions for Canadians and offer open border immigration throughout the world.
The current dangers for government tyranny in a Hitler style Government greatly outweigh the need to disarm LAWFUL CANADIANS. They are seeking total population compliance to an out of control Government. Disarming lawful Canadians makes nothing safer, in fact the opposite is true. International agreements Canada has signed range from immigration, homosexuality, terrorism agreements, trade agreements and tax agreements, these have been legislated in Canada with member parasite democracies of the United Nations. All these agreements combine democracies into one parasite government law. During World War 2 all democratic leaders were fully aware about how fragile democracy had become with the rise of Hitler into power, his ability to take control of the people. Enact law without the consent of the people. The secret society of

Domestic and International

parasites learned from Hitler's rise to power and fully understands how democratic governments, like in Germany, could gain control of a population without having their consent. They understood control of world government was the goal and not the people. People could be controlled by democratic governments.
People blindly celebrate past leaders as heroes.. but the opposite stands true today. Leaders past and present are cowards, only thinking of keeping themselves in power above the ordinary people. Elected Leaders inaction in correcting democracy has made them into criminals. They will be brought to Justice in the future similar to the senior ranking officers of the Nazi Party and Gestapo in WWII. A collapse of these world parasitic leaders needs to happen before people will gain control and decide the future of democracies. There is only way to save

Canadian freedoms

, that is to dismantle the parasites ability to function within our democracy. A Direct Democracy is required immediately.
Ordinary People Not In Control Of Democracy. USA PRESIDENT Franklin Roosevelt, CANADIAN PRIME MINISTER Mackenzie King and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill all played a large part in what is happening today. From the 1930's every Canadian politician knew that the world democracies are flawed, they never did a thing to save

Canadian freedom and liberty

. They contributed to the destabilizing of each world democracy by failing to acknowledge democracy is for the people. With a top down approach, democracy is in the control of those who had been elected and not by the people.
Today Canada Is Being Stripped From Its Identity and Christian Traditions. Laws slowly take human liberties away from the population until it gets to the point of no return for ordinary people. Humans are viewed as something to be controlled, like mere animals, by the secret society of international parasites and the Government of Canada “Anti-Christ Assembly”. The parasite secret society discovered people were only instruments to elect the rulers in command and keep them in power. Elections a mere distraction to make the people feel a part of decision making. No longer does it matter who is elected, Anti-Christ appointments are in place worldwide, forming an “Anti-Christ Assembly”. The government of Canada has appointed all those in power today. This means changing one government with another government does not change the direction the Canadian people are headed since all the government “Anti-Christ Assembly” of powerful appointed officials never change. All Parasite appointments need to be removed.
The 2030 Democratic Agenda UnMasked - For Those Preparing For What's Coming NEXT!
Harper, Mulroney, Chrétien, Martin, Clark, Trudeau.. all past Prime Ministers and their Anti-Christ appointees and cabinet ministers including Marco Mendicino, Christia Freeland, Bill Blair, David Lametti are a part of the same ambitions of the criminal secret society of international parasites that are looking to destabilize Canadians. These criminals will go into hiding hopefully found and brought to Justice for TREASON in the future. The secret society of

International and Domestic

parasites understand that past leaders have a great influence over political parties and population. Through current and past Canadian Democratic governments, the secret society of Deep State International Parasites know more about the workings of Canada than any average Canadian can ever hope to comprehend.
The intended result will have the ordinary people fighting among themselves, offering further government control to be established. Human science is used effectively by the Government of Canada which takes focus off themselves and reverts blame from themselves onto the ordinary Canadian for the problems they created. Sadly it will take the majority of the population to be effected before people will begin realizing something is wrong. By this time it is too late, the Canadian military and Gestapo policing will take over. It is hoped that Canadian Gestapo policing and military realize that the Canadian democracy is not functioning any more, not a peoples insurrection on democracy rather and insurrection on the methods of Democracy by the ones who have destroyed democracy and freedom. Dependence On Financial Handouts Government of Canada is establishing a population dependence on government financial handouts. This is welcome by most ordinary Canadians since plenty have little to rely on financially. The Government in time will make the rules for collecting government handouts. In time the population will do as instructed in order to keep receiving government money. The stripping of human rights and freedoms.
President John F Kennedy JFK - The 1961 Secret Society Speech To The Press That Killed Him
President JFK - The 1961 Secret Society Speech To The Press That Killed Him
The entire world the system needs to purge the parasites out of decision making by retaking our courts, police, politicians, ambassadors, senators and all government appointees. This purge can be done one country at a time starting with Canada. Take away the

International Parasites

ability to function within any world democracy by replacing governments with a population based democracy.
Downloading Government Responsibility To The People Government of Canada tactics include removing scrutiny from themselves and blame the general population for racism, Islamophobia, white supremacy, terrorism, violence, homophobia and more. A key element for stripping Canadian traditions and identity by taking the focus off what government does and place it onto the people. The

Canadian people

are not the blame for the government destabilization of a once great country. People are not to blame for a government without the consent of the population.
Canadian Economic Political Groups Are Stacked. A very secret plan is ever evolving and requires a well oiled machine to operate with nothing disclosed publicly. What started slowly has gained momentum as more government around the world appoint more and more high ranking international positions. These hand picked cronies follow the promise of rewards, power and money. A major challenge is faced in Canada at this time. Everyone already knows that peaceful demonstrations fail to change what is happening in Canada. Military control is coming to Canada and around the world at some point. Sadly, people will begin fighting amongst themselves, others will vandalize and take what is not theirs, no one really understanding the core reasons for the problems. The Government of Canada officials will go into hiding, barking out orders from bunkers, possibly fearing for their lives. The RCMP and Military will take instructions from the same people who destroyed Canadian Democracy. It is all about power over others and has little to do with Justice for all.
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