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Heavily Armed RCMP and Military With Automatic Weapons Invoking Martial Law on Behalf of The Democracy of Canada Against UNARMED Peaceful Women, Men and Children Protesting For Freedom. Freedom Convoy 2022.
Democracy Code of Canada - To Restore Canada Into the Hands of the Ordinary People:

Removing Canadian Involvement in NATO

NATO pushing it's weight around the world is not safe. In the recent year NATO missions included the sailing ships in waters claimed by China. Waterways that Canadian shipping seldom traveled before, if ever, increased by the Canadian Government in order to claim international waters that China has claimed. True story. Another NATO fact. Ukraine applied and most likely will become a member of NATO against the wishes of Russia. Russia made its views known very diplomatically to NATO with a claim that a NATO armed force stationed on the Russian border would destabilize the region. Understandably this would have Russia on high alert at all times and is perfectly natural for Russia to have this concern. It is possible that the Russian invasion of Ukraine was to avoid future conflict with NATO. NATO should keep good intentions of world peace, not stoke war.. they are seeking confrontation.
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