Canadian Democracy Code of Canada
Heavily Armed RCMP and Military With Automatic Weapons Invoking Martial Law on Behalf of The Democracy of Canada Against UNARMED Peaceful Women, Men and Children Protesting For Freedom. Freedom Convoy 2022.
Democracy Code of Canada - To Restore Canada Into the Hands of the Ordinary People:

Democracy Code - Canadian News Media Disinformation

Fake Canadian News Broadcasting

fake Canadian Media

narrative has adopted the

Parasitic International and Domestic Government

message and have became masters at taking the focus off what is happening within the

Parasitic Government of Canada

. Peoples minds are being redirected onto what the Canadian Government parasites want people to believe. It is all a detraction from truth at this point. Immigration, Homosexual and Islam is an effort to destabilize Canadians by using the introduction of destabilizing minority into Canadian Culture and Heritage.
A Removal of a

Democracy by Destabilizing Culture and Heritage using Minorities as the excuse.

Canadians are under attack by The Government of Canada and International parasites. The introduction of

destabilizing culture and homosexual laws into Canada is not by mistake

. The

Rulers of the Canadian Democracy create the problems

and find solutions to the problems they created. Creating destabilizing effects to our society by using minorities as the excuse. Law is sold to the people as protecting minority after Government succeeds in creating the problem within society, finding solutions to problems they had created in the first place. Canadians are being sold on perverted sense of justice for Canadian society when in fact it is taking the freedoms from the majority.
Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre Dismantling Canadian Traditions and Culture
Poilievre Treason Against Canada
The inability for people to correctly rationalize permits the Democracy to introduce law they claim protects human rights of minority. It is NOT for the protection of Human Rights but is the stripping of freedom from the majority of the population using tactics created becoming law. A distraction from truth and freedom.
All a Government of Canada Hoax at This Point This hoax is intensifying, the stories and solutions that media present from Government encourages people to believe the narrative as more laws against the majority of people are enacted. All Provincial, Local and Federal Government employees are forced to impose the law on people, including old pervert men who claim to be transsexual undressing naked before children, this is the law of Canada. Government controls the Narrative for the people claiming gender expression. The Government of Canada has stripped critical thinking from the Canadian Population, people believe what they are told by the leaders. A Government Creating Problems for Solutions. A Government made problem that requires a Government made solution. Laws brainwashed into the population, laws becoming seen as needed by the unsuspecting population of Canada. The Government creates the need to protect a minority effecting the majority that want to remain private, without Government scrutiny. Laws Favoring a Destabilizing Minority Canadians need to wake up and demand the removal of all law that protects destabilizing minority. Every law that proposes to help the very few at the expense of the many, must be removed immediately. Destabilizing law within Canadian culture continues to be created by the Rulers of Canada which provides a Government made solution that is forced upon Canadians by the Ruling Class. The taking of Canadian peoples freedom using destabilizing minority. Government without the consent of Canadians.
Trudeau - The Dismantling of the Canadian Population and Freedom
Events Replayed For Control Events that happened many.. many years ago with the ability to frighten people into submission are replayed monthly, weekly or yearly. Repetitive Media long after the event is repeated over and over again. Media reporting moves people into submissive thinking, takes away a persons ability for critical thinking and takes the ability to understand the future consequences from Government actions today. Christians Massacred in Islamic Countries. Plenty of Christians are massacred daily within Islamic Countries yet the Media fails to report on these events. Canadian Rulers have a one sided immigration policy permitting easy immigration of Islam, Hindi and Sikh. Canadian entry into Islamic Countries is deemed an extreme high risk for Canadian's as they may be beheaded. The Government of Canada welcomes these destabilizing minority into Canada as a method to take control of the population. This will lead to a Government clamp on people and remove Canadian identity. Government intends to exterminate Christians from Canada. The On Purpose Destruction of Canada at the Hands of The Few Canadian Rulers of the Land continue to destabilize Canadian Culture and Identity as a method for conflict within our society. This is the point, the Rulers want this conflict between people in order to impose their solutions. The Parasite Government is looking to reestablish themselves with more control over people. Massive numbers of Islamic Importation into Canada while not many Canadians immigrate out of Canada into Syria or Afghanistan. Islam and Sikh are taking over Canada against the wishes of the majority, While Islamic countries remain unchanged and continue to grow within western democracy people are weakened Globally. Western Democracy Destabilized as Islam and Sikh Population Invades Internationally. Plenty of Canadians are viewing Islam, Hindi and Sikh as Cult brought to Canada providing a very specific purpose for the Rulers. Inflation and Increasing Interest Rates A Creation by The Rulers. Inflation, purchasing a home and interest rates are all controlled by the Rulers of the Land. Do not be fooled into thinking high interest rates are needed to slow the economy. The millions of Islamic, Hindi and Sikh People coming into Canada without a place to live has created the demand on housing, the skyrocketing pricing of homes and the need for the Rulers to break the ordinary Christian Canadian with high interest rates. It is about controlling the Canadian people by providing Government solutions to problems they have created for the population. More law and handouts. The parasitic Government of Canada are breaking Canadian Culture and the Canadian Family unit. Although the messaging is different on media, the Government Rulers of the Land desire people who were born in Canada to be bankrupt and without homes. A Government willfully introducing struggle for Canadians with policy designed to destabilize the nation.. solutions without the consent of the population. The Rise of One Ruler or Organization To Keep World Order with Promises to Restore Peace to the People
The 2030 Democratic Agenda UnMasked - For Those Preparing For What's Coming NEXT!
Be careful of anyone or organization that rises and wants control of people with promises of stability and peace. This Ruler or organization will offer solutions widely accepted by the population with solutions based upon the needs of the day. It may be hunger and shelter the Rulers will promise the people, “Solutions and Promises that will never be kept by the Rulers”. Lie after lie will be broadcast over media, what people view as dependable news sources. All a Lie after people willingly give up freedom with the removal of all means to defend themselves against Government Tyranny and the Ruling Class. The warm claims of having the perfect solution and better services will offer only promises for removing Canadian freedom entirely. Islam, Hindi, Sikh Are NOT Canadian Culture - And That's the Point Homosexuality is not Canadian nor the traditions created for Homophiles by the Government of Canada and United Nations. The purpose of this infusion of destabilizing minority is to bring conflict into the population. The Government wants Canadian peasants and farmers to fight amongst themselves in order for the rulers to take control. Government calculated division of the people, removal of Canadian Cultural Identity and a repetitive media brainwash, a population divided and fighting among themselves. The reason.. So The Rulers of The Land will provide their solutions to a population for the problems they had created in the first place. Marxism Marxism is the active separation of ordinary people from the Ruling Class and Wealth. It is to have a society broken into Two Parts, the Demagog having wealth and power over others and the ordinary population who are at the mercy of the Ruling Class and require handouts to survive. This provides the Ruling Class the ultimate power over People. All groups including the United Nations and all groups having central power within Democracy or influence on society must be dismantled by the People in order to have freedom restored to the people. People must start with a fresh “Direct Democracy” after the Demagog Rulers get flushed. All Rulers must be held to account and be brought to justice before the people for treason, with judgement from those who are not appointed by Government. It takes population acceptance of handouts and promises made by the Demagog to remove freedom and a revolution to get out of it. Once a population are slaves, without an ability to fight for freedom, the Ruling Class decide who lives or dies or who goes hungry and sleeps outside. The Hoax of Electric Vehicles The Rulers of the Land set the message within media and social media propaganda, people believe what they are told. Canadians follow blindly in the dark. It is the population freedom of choice for the type of vehicle they choose. Many may choose Hybrid Vehicles that use both Gasoline and Electric to avoid lengthy charging times when only a small distance remain to travel. It is shear stupidity to think a person would be on the side of the road charging a vehicle for 4 hours or longer when there is less than 100 kilometers to travel. There are scientific study's that suggest Warming of the earth started far before the industrial age of vehicles and mining. A need for electric transportation is all a hoax from Governments that do not share scientific data and fail to keep the earth green by replanting from fires and natural disasters. The Demagog leaders would rather send Billions of Dollars into a dark hole for war efforts that potentially is pocketed by the very few. NATO has been created by the Rulers to further destabilize country rather than keep earth green. The Destabilizing Message The destabilizing message first began in 1945 with the creation of the United Nations. Government messaging that Canada was a multicultural country, then the message spread to a promotion of tolerance. Until we have the messages of today. At some point people will be no longer tolerate of an out of control Government working outside the peoples consent. Islam, Hindi and Sikh have been brought into Canada for a specific purpose, that is to exterminate the Christian Heritage, Culture and Canadian Identity. The Rulers intention is to take the freedom from Canadian people as they fight amongst themselves, imposing the will of Government over the population. Once fighting, the Government will quickly impose Martial Law on the People, The Canadian Emergencies Act will come into effect, RCMP police and military will take to the streets with automatic weapons on behalf of the Demagog Government with no holds bared. This will be a major event having Government lies broadcast daily, people totally unaware of truth. The Only Way Out is a Direct Democracy For Canadians. Remove The RULERS OF THE LAND IN CANADA! The majority of Canadians are against changing Canadian culture. The Canadian NAZI Style Government are changing Canadian traditions, changing long held Canadian heritage, and changing the identity of Canada that has been passed down from generations.. The Government of Canada had the duty to keep Canada's Culture strong, nothing to do with racism. Everything to do with upholding Canadian Values and sovereignty.
Liberal Prime Minster Justin Trudeau Dismantling Canadian Traditions and Culture
Trudeau Disgraced - Against Canada
The repetitive media narrative of racism, fear, homosexuality is to tilt the population in favor of something not freely accepted by the majority of the Canadian population. To confuse and take away critical thinking from the population. Focused upon your children in schools and by social media. Nothing will ever be the same after this generation of kids should the people of Canada not take democracy back into the hands of ordinary Canadians. A repetitive false narrative is being brainwashed into Canadian society from a very small group of insiders. It is our fellow Canadians and media that are helping the Rulers of the Land take Canada's freedom away. A well oiled machine of distrust including media, elected and government and appointed Canadians. Canadian people are labeled as being wrong and racist by Government and Media. This media narrative is constant and repetitive that results in the submissive thinkers accepting more law enacted by the rulers. Canadians are being told what to think that is being forced upon the people as racism and protecting homosexuality. The taking of Canadian freedoms to speak openly and think critically has vanished. The Secret Members of a Parasitic International and Domestic Deep State NAZI Style Shadow Government intend to stop any population uprising and will continue destroying the traditions of Canada in favor of the international and local parasite global agenda. Canadians have lost control of the Canadian Government. The entire population is being censored, told what to think, media that complies with parasitic messaging is favored, nothing more than Hitler propaganda. Many submissive thinkers in Canada are believing the well scripted media story line which permits the Government to dismantle peaceful protests including peaceful protests that includes the Rulers creating buffer zones so Drag Queens may continue the “Media Accepted Adult Messaging of Trans Sex to Children” within library story time.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Dismantling Canadian Traditions and Culture
Trudeau Treason Against Canada
Canadian people protesting for their most basic rights and freedom.
Canadian Media sets the national story line in favor of the Rulers. Never asking the tough questions on how Canadians would restore democracy or why is the Government of Canada working without the consent of the population. Local and international parasites influence the media and provide the narrative, exactly as Hitler's propaganda machine. A population which is censored and labeled with trusted Canadian Media disinformation. The fake media is destroying the Canadian way of life on behalf of the Rulers, a once peaceful population on the edge. It is the fake media and politicians that are the problem in Canada today. We must restore Canada and remove the Political Party system replacing it with independent representatives within the Canadian House of Commons. A constructed Canadian Media reporting on Canadian democracy to the world, when the Canadian democracy has collapsed, is nothing but delusional thinking by the Rulers, their supporters and Media.
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