Parliament of Canada
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Democracy Code of Canada
Democracy Code of Canada - To Restore Canada Into the Hands of the Ordinary People:

Democracy Code - News Media
About Democratic Control:
A “DEEP STATE” Foreign international parasite society has discovered they can destabilize Canada by using its own Government to gain control of the Canadian population. A core international society has seized the minds of what I call The “Anti-Christ Assembly” which includes the Canadian’s government and all government officials in Canada and throughout the world. It is to destabilize democracy by taking away the country historic values and it’s traditions, basically leaving the country without an identity.
Our Canadian system of democracy and most world democracy are based on the same democratic system that NAZI Adolph Hitler used to take liberty away from so many. “DEEP STATE” Democracy is not just elections .. in Canada, government is a assembly of government appointments and laws that do not require the consent of the population. Elections have little to do with this as elections fail to change the “Anti-Christ Assembly” . The system is what I will talk about today.
The “DEEP STATE” domestic and international parasite society are solidly the farmers and ordinary Canadians the sheep. Everything government does at this point is only a distraction and all a hoax. It no longer matters who you elect to run Canada at this time, the Government “Anti-Christ Assembly” has placed it's cronies into all high raking positions throughout Canada and the world internationally, representing Canadians down the dark golden path.
In Canada, government hand picks it’s cronies for all parts of authority. This has grave danger to all ordinary citizens of Canada since changing governments does not change the “Anti-Christ Assembly” . We have senators, judges, international ambassadors and more selected by government based upon dominance of the elite and acceptance of foreign influence. The government has appointed everyone in power today.. scarred yet?
Prime Ministers, Ambassadors, Judges and all those advancing Homo, Drag Queen and Trans is NOT FOR HUMAN RIGHTS.. but is to take away your freedom by destabilizing the people. Same goes with introducing foreign cultures into Canada. The destabilizing goes on and on.. Homosexuality is a mental illness that through propaganda, consistent repetition and introduction of Government law is being promoted as normal by the leaders including Senators, Politicians, Judges and International Ambassadors to people and children. It is all about control.
Canadians are at war with the same democratic system that ““NAZI Hitler”” used. Currently our democracy is not killing Jews but it is removing our country historic Culture, Values and Identity that had been passed down through generations... no country can survive, in the future people will be enslaved or eliminated if they are deemed little use to society... AND THAT'S THE POINT. Canadians need a new Democracy. All democratic leaders, past, present and future will be hunted for treason and brought to justice before the people not government appointed judges.

Canadian Media the News of Distraction
The fake media are masters at taking the focus of what is really happening in Canada by placing Canadian minds onto what the Canadian government parasites want people to believe. A distraction from truth. The stories and solutions that media present encourages more law against the people of Canada and the taking of Canadian peoples freedom, the ordinary people are never involved. If there is an event that happened many.. many years ago that has the ability to frighten people into submission, be assured this story will be repeated over and over again. Media reporting moves people into submissive thinking, takes away a persons ability for critical thinking and takes the ability to understand the future consequences from Government actions today.
Among plenty issues reported.. if the majority of Canadians are against Government of Canada immigration policy and Islam changing Canadian culture, changing Canadian traditions, changing long held Canadian heritage, and changing the identity of Canada that has been passed down from generations.. government has the duty not bring Islam into Canada, nothing to do with racism. The media narrative of racism, fear, homosexuality is to tilt the population in favor of something not accepted by the majority of the Canadian population. A false narrative is being brainwashed into Canadian society from a very small group of insiders. It is our fellow Canadians and media that will take Canada's freedom away. A well oiled machine of distrust including media, elected and government appointed Canadians are taking the freedom from the ordinary citizen.
The Media promotes the notion that Government of Canada cannot be wrong.. It is the Canadian people who are wrong and racist. This media message results in submissive thinkers accepting more law enacted by government in order to stop whatever message that is being told including racism, peaceful protests or homosexuality, the taking of Canadian freedoms to speak openly. Government intends to stop any population uprising and will continue destroying the traditions of Canada in favor of the international and local parasite globlest agenda. Canadians have lost control of Government. The entire population is being censored, media that complies with government message is favored, nothing more than Hitler propaganda. Many submissive thinkers in Canada are believing the well scripted media story line that peaceful protests are illegal in Canada requiring the Government of Canada to invoke The Canadian War Measures Act against peaceful Canadian people.
Canadian media sets the national story line. It influences politicians into submission with nothing more than a story, they can easily brand anyone with whatever they wish by focusing the population attention onto their story line and not the truth. Never asking the tough questions on how can Canadians restore democracy or why is the Government of Canada working without the consent of the population. Local and international parasites with an inside track influences the media storyline, exactly as Hitler's propaganda machine. The population must not be censored.
The fake media is destroying the Canadian way of life, a once peaceful population is on the edge. It is not racism, homosexual rights, Islamophobia, white supremacist, terrorism that the people of Canada need to worry about.. it is the fake media and politicians that are the problem in Canada today. We must restore Canada and remove the Political Party system replacing it with independent representatives within the Canadian House of Commons. The media reporting that the Prime Minister is promoting democracy to the world, when the Canadian democracy is dead, is nothing but delusional media thinking.

Democracy Code of Canada
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