The following video is a Rebel News Production... Press Freedoms Worsened in China During The World Pandemic Just Like In the Democracy of Canada by Rebel News

China and the Democracy of Canada took similar pandemic response paths. The Democracy of Canada decimated basic human rights and freedoms, which makes sense as it has been discovered that the Chinese Communist Party has been attempting to undermine Canada’s governmental integrity for years.

The Globe and Mail recently detailed how press freedom worsened in China during the pandemic and the parallels between Canada’s response are chilling. Yet no mention regarding the erroding Canadian freedoms of the Press.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been one of the worst periods for press freedom in China in decades, with tough restrictions on movement and a super powered surveillance state making on-the-ground reporting more difficult than ever, the opening paragraph reads.

Yet Canadians also faced an unfounded and unprecedented quashing of their freedom of movement and Government disinformation pumped into the soft minds of Canadians through main stream media outlets.

This was exemplified through gathering restrictions, the use of states of emergency to prevent the previously constitutionally-protected Canadian right to protest, and medical apartheid being normalized in the media with different levels of COVID-related restrictions for COVID-19 vaccinated versus unvaccinated people.

There were many instances in which police interfered with Rebel News’ (RN) documenting of the above.
It is called:

Press Freedoms Worsened In China and Democracy of Canada.. Rebel News

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