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Democracy Code of Canada - To Restore Canada Into the Hands of the Ordinary People:

Democracy Code - Canadian Taxation Fraud

Moving Canada Forward With Higher Wages while Creating Canadian Industry.
Canadians must roll back taxation to 1970 levels. Biggest

taxation fraud in Canada

and around the world has common people believing that providing more tax breaks, and free land for the wealthy foreigners investing into Canada is a benefit to society. The Demagog are reversing the trend for better wages for the Ordinary Canadian. The proof is in the pudding. Fair taxation will once again encourage the Canadian wealth to spend money on Canadian business and Canadian wages in order to provide prosperity to all Canadians once again.
A Taxation Structure For Canadian Better Times It has always been said and true today that for new businesses to be created there needs to be deep pockets of wealth to invest into those business. The problem is the wealthy are no longer creating industry that pays employees other than the bare minimum wage. Families are finding it very difficult to provide for themselves and family.. without Government financial programs, daycare and rebates. Wages are falling with corporate profits increasing.

Domestic and International

Rulers of The Land have lowered

Taxation on Canadian wealth

as their profits continue to rise. International taxation agreements are being signed by the Government of Canada without any population consent.
The Canadian Demagog has encouraged corporate hoarding of money at the ordinary Canadians expense, this has no place in Canada.

Generating wealth is to be encouraged, not taken away,

with a refocusing on Canadian priorities is required to ensure no-one is left behind. Let's provide the ability to earn a reasonable rate of return on investment while looking after one another.
Government Handouts Come with Future Population Compliance. Industry is reducing the commoners wages, Government handouts are increasing within most Western Democracies and not only in Canada. Government claims of protecting the middle class are not defined. What is Canadian middle class? Middle Class in Canada is minimum wages at this time. What wages are being paid for the Middle Class? So here we are on the edge.. with more people forced into slave minimum wage jobs, very close to joining the homeless. The grave danger is that Government handouts comes at a cost of freedom and liberty. When government controls the money they also control the rules regarding the population compliance to whatever they want in order to receive that money. Government Privatization of Once Good Paying Jobs The Rulers of the Land hire private contractors that offer less wages, lower benefits and a lower standard of living for workers in efforts for the Demagog Rulers to save money for the wealthy on the backs of ordinary Canadians and offer the wealthy class lower taxes that have been handed out for the last 40 years. Changes to Tax structure would have Private Government Contractors offering compensation equal or greater than what the Government paid before the contract was signed.. Good wages will continue being good wages no matter who is the employer. Investment Export Tax Credits Continuing to pay Fair Canadian tax from the wealth generated in Canada is a part of being Canadian. Canadians living elsewhere in the world need to expect to pay a 25% Investment Export Tax on money taken out of this country above the highest marginal tax rate. Business which have no Canadian ownership yet provide a direct net benefit to Canada can claim an

investment export tax credit


Investment Export Tax credits

would become subject to the Highest marginal tax rate set by the people of Canada. This is a method for reducing investment export taxes on incomes generated from industry which has a substantial net benefit to Canada of thousands of high paid Canadian jobs.
Resource Export Tax The most profitable resource export properties in Canada are controlled by only a few. An ordinary Canadian has no access to properties that provide great wealth to the very few. Yes there are great risks in finding and establishing the equipment necessary. All losses are easily claimed on future taxes by investors who fail, they get their money back when there is a loss of money. Greater taxation would be implemented on hugely profitable resource properties that are making significant amounts of money. A corporate system would occur providing incentive for research and development. Recognizing research company's have the greatest risk while an established company with a track record of profit would have substantially less risk.

Investment Export Tax

would become a method of calculating Canadian cash resources leaving our country. We need a Canada first approach to our resources. A possibility of offering Venture Capital tax incentive in helping establish secondary refining of Canadian resources, any ordinary Canadian would be able to invest into Canada, even a small amount through Venture Capital Corporations. A strong Canada.
Venture Capital Corporations Federally controlled Venture Capital Corporations will provide those earning the highest marginal tax rate an ability to reinvest into Canada and get rewarded with a tax break equal to what would have been paid before the highest marginal tax bracket came into effect. Reducing the tax burden of high earners to the same current levels while enhancing investment and bringing business back into Canada. Highest Marginal Incomes It really does not matter what other country taxation offers. Canadians had an identity, culture and heritage before the Domestic and International Rulers took control of our country. Bring back the Highest Marginal Tax Bracket on Net Earnings over $500.000.00. Since 1979 taxes on incomes from the wealthy have been substantially reduced. At a time most Canadians struggle to make ends meet, the wealthy thrive and hoard money for themselves, many live in other countries. Creating federally regulated Venture Capital Corporations, would provide tax credits to every Canadian taxpayer on qualified Canadian investments. Using Venture Capital Corporations to create new industry would provide tax incentive for highest marginal tax earners to fall in line with tax paid today providing a choice for high earners to reinvest in Canada and save tax. Wealth survived back then as it would now. Modify Tax Treaties or Scrap Them Entirely. Modify Tax treaty with all other country. Tax treaty with other countries are to be modified or scrapped in order for People with Canadian Citizenship to pay taxes on incomes above the highest marginal tax rate. This would permit ordinary Canadians earning less than the Highest Marginal Tax to continue to benefit from tax treaties.

Wealth from Canada

will remain Canadian and not paid to other countries above the Highest tax rate. Canadian tax paid on all earnings above the highest marginal tax rate no matter what country no matter or what tax already paid within the other country.
Majority Ownership of Canada's Business to be Canadian Controlled. Canadians need to once again have the majority ownership of Canadian business. Foreign Companies may request an exemption based upon the net benefit to Canadians. Canada will attract foreign industry by offering incentives and exemptions and not offering ownership of our industry. Government Industry Protection Legislation. Business with a significant tax, employment and need impact on Canada will be prevented closing their doors without good reason. Industry protection legislation will be comprehensive law ensuring those who decide closing business or moving business to another country will be prevented without Canadian benefit review. It will be in the Canadian best interest to move a business out of Canada. Canada's business will never dismantle itself for the benefit of foreign powers. Canada will protect and reinvest into the ordinary people through profitable business, ensuring freedom and liberty for all.
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